God of War (2018): How To Complete Every Favor | Unfinished Business Guide

Midgard, the setting of God of War, isn’t a very nice place. Most of the human inhabitants are gone, or they’ve turned to cannibalism to survive the coming winter. In fact, aside from a brief early encounter, you won’t find many human beings at all. Unless you count ghosts. There are plenty of ghosts you can talk to while exploring the expansive Lake of the Nine, and each of them has a little side-quest for Kratos.

There are two types of favors to complete — you can take bigger side-quests to optional, dungeon-like environments by talking to Sindri and Brok, you blacksmith pals that appear everywhere you go in the main story. You can also take completely optional quests from vengeful spirits — completing all of these vengeful spirit quests will net you the ‘Unfinished Business’ trophy. That’s what we’re going to cover here. There are five of these quests, so let’s dive in — here’s where to find them, and how to complete them.

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How To Complete Every Favor | Unfinished Business Guide

Dead Freight 

  • Location: Forgotten Caverns

Find the spirit on the beach of Forgotten Caverns, found northwest of Tyr’s Temple. Travel to the three locations marked on your map and destroy the group of Hel-Walkers. If you’re too weak to handle the Hel-Walkers, wait until later in the story, then return to the marked areas.

The Anatomy of Hope

  • Location: The Mason’s Channel

For this request, the ghost will ask Kratos to recover three bones. You won’t be able to access this area until the water level has lowered. The three bones will be marked on your map. Return with the bones, but be prepared for a fight — instead of a kind ghost, you’ll have to deal with an angry revenant.

Hammer Fall

  • Location: Stone Falls

Talk to the spirit next to the switch that opens the gates leading to Veithurgard. You can’t miss him if you accept the blacksmith’s quest. Talk to him, and he’ll ask you to destroy a statue of Thor in Veithurgard, on a small island you’ll pass.

Follow the map marker and land on the island. This is actually a tough island, so you might consider returning later in the story. When you’re able to defeat the monsters, use your axe to break the four weak points on the statue to destroy it.

Time Heals All

  • Location: Northri Stronghold

Late in the game, travel to Northri Stronghold. This area will only appear if you’ve been completing quests for Sindri and Brok. One of them will send you up to Northri to explore. While there, collect a scroll at the end of the path — after passing through the ship deck.

Take the information and travel back to Fafnir’s Storeroom. Talk to the spirit at the end of the Storeroom, which you’ll visit in a previous quest for the dwarves.

Unfinished Business

  • Location: Cliffs of the Raven

Read the Lore Marker in the large Cliffs of the Raven field, then follow the map markers to the other lore areas. Using the lore for these stones lights a blue brazier that summons monsters, so be prepared for a fight at each stone.