Evil Within 2: All Upgrade Pouch Locations | How To Increase Ammo / Health Capacity

There’s never enough ammo in The Evil Within 2. You’ll always want more, and the initial carrying capacity is very limited. You won’t be able to upgrade your max capacity with Green Gel or Weapon Parts — you’ll have to collect secret upgrade pouches. These valuable rewards are found throughout the game, often found on dead Mobius agents to make them just a little bit easier to locate. There are between 2-5 for every major weapon type, and you can even increase your Medical Syringe capacity.

Getting pouches won’t unlock any achievements, but they’re really useful. Carrying more Crossbow Bolts, Handgun ammo, or Syringes is very useful later in the game. You’ll also be able to craft more ammo, meaning you won’t have to waste resources with field crafting nearly as often. The syringe medical pouches are espcially useful — you’ll be able to carry 4, then 6 total syringes after finding them both. Learn where to get all the upgrade pouches in the entire game with the full list of locations below.

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All Upgrade Pouch Locations

Pouches are special items that increase the total amount of ammo or medical syringes Sebastian can carry. There are between 2-5 pouches for most weapons, and finding all will significantly increase the amount of items you can carry into a fight. This is especially useful for Medical Syringes. Below, we’ll break down where to find all pouches for each item.

NOTE: Often, pouches are located on dead Mobius agents. When you’re near a dead agent, you’ll get a ping on your communicator. Take it out and lock onto the signal to find the pouches more easily.

Medical Syringe Pouch Locations

  • Pouch #1: Chapter 5 – Explore to the right of the buzzsaw boss arena. There’s a dead Mobius agent carrying the pouch. The agent’s body is on the concrete behind the ruined white van.
  • Pouch #2: Chapter 11 – Found on the dead Mobius soldier in Lab 2 on the second floor of the main Restricted Area hall. You’ll have to go here to collect the Unity chip.

Handgun Ammo Pouch Locations

  • Pouch #1: Chapter 3 – Located on the dead Mobius soldier out in the middle of the street, down the road with the residential houses. Clear out any enemies — the body is under a bright light, so it’s easy to spot.
  • Pouch #2: Chapter 3 – Inside the derailed red train car on the western edge of the Residential Area map. This is the train car that’s pointed sideways.
  • Pouch #3: Chapter 6 – Just as you enter The Marrow – Access Tunnels West, enter the second door on the left. Take the pouch off the dead Mobius soldier.
  • Pouch #4: Chapter 12 – At the start of Chapter 12, move toward the statue illuminating a small ruin. The pouch bag is sitting on a rock beneath the statue.
  • Pouch #5: Chapter 14 – On the third level of the stronghold, you’ll enter an area patrolled by Lost with lots of pipes and flame jets. Go through the banging door on the right and take the pouch off the cabinet directly left of the flame jets.

Shotgun Ammo Pouch Locations

  • Pouch #1: Chapter 3 – Climb the ladder in the back-right corner of the large building south of the Pit Stop. The pouch is inside a Mobius supply crate all the way at the end of the balcony.
  • Pouch #2: Chapter 7 – Go to the alley behind Sykes’ Safe House to locate a dead Mobius Agent guarded by a tougher Lost enemy.
  • Pouch #3: Chapter 11 – This one is pretty straight forward. In The Marrow, you’ll eventually find a dead Mobius agent on the floor, straight ahead. Your communicator will ping too – he’s almost impossible to miss.
  • Pouch #4: Chapter 13 – On the eastern edge of the map, find the red train cars behind the Credit Union. On a seat in the first train car, you’ll find the last shotgun ammo pouch.

Crossbow Ammo Pouch Locations

  • Pouch #1: Chapter 4 – In The Marrow, you’ll reach a room where enemies will spawn and attack while you try to defend. To the left of the door, there’s a ladder that leads up into a room with the first crossbow bolt ammo pouch.
  • Pouch #2: Chapter 9 – In the prison, go to the room to the right of the exit crank. There’s a side room with a file — look on the bench behind the table to find this easy-to-miss upgrade pouch.
  • Pouch #3: Chapter 12 – When you reach the second section of the bottomless pit, you’ll encounter crawling monsters — straight ahead and to the right, there’s a large statue illuminating a corner of the ruins. Behind the statue, don’t miss the last bolt ammo pouch.

Assault Rifle Ammo Pouch Locations

  • Pouch #1: Chapter 13 – Track the Mobius signal down the street from the intersection guarded by the fat, exploding suicide zombies. There’s a small corner to the left with a soldier.
  • Pouch #2: Chapter 13 – In the same chapter, enter the alley behind the Hotel and track the signal to find a second dead Mobius agent carrying an Assault Rifle ammo pouch upgrade.
  • Pouch #3: Chapter 14 – Inside the stronghold, you’ll enter a room with an elevator shaft. Go into the optional room to the right. Here, there’s another optional door to the right you can open with the last upgrade pouch.

Sniper Rifle Ammo Pouch Locations

  • Pouch #1: Chapter 6 – Found on a Mobius agent body outside the Juke Diner.
  • Pouch #2: Chapter 10 – After sneaking or fighting through the burning Lost enemies, you’ll reach the opposite end of the burning structure. Behind that structure, there’s a Mobius APC with the pouch in the back.
  • Pouch #3: Chapter 13 – On a dead body on the lot adjacent to Sykes’ Safe House. There are several burning Lost here — use the Communicator to locate the body from the entrance to the Safe House.

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