Evil Within 2: All Files, Slides & Memories Locations | Chapter 12 & 13 Collectibles

Fight through Hell itself and return to a burning Business District as we grab all the collectibles in Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 of The Evil Within 2. The hunt is almost over, and clearing the area of collectibles requires more than careful exploration. You’ll also have to finish all the Side Missions in Chapter 7 — then a new mission will appear right as you reach the Post Office Safe House. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything below.

When you reach Chapter 13, it’s a good idea to keep your communicator close. The little device can track dead Mobius Agent locations — and many of the Mobius Agents are packing ammo pouches. These valuable upgrades increase the total amount of ammo you can carry for each weapon, and there are at least two for the Assault Rifle in this area alone. Most of the dead-end corners and previously populated areas now have pouch upgrades, so check whenever your communicator starts to beep.

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All Files, Slides, Memories & Object Locations | Chapter 12 & 13

There are three types of collectibles we’re covering here in The Evil Within 2 — files, photographic slides, and residual memories. Find all the locations for each type, divided by Chapter, in the guide below.


  • File #36: Chapter 12 – In the blood-filled bottomless pit, you’ll find the first note at a strange, burning edifice. At the bottom of the burning statue in the center of the path, don’t miss the note.
  • Photographic Slide #9: Chapter 12 – When Sebastian returns to his home in the past, go inside Lily’s room to find a photographic slide.
  • File #37: Chapter 13 – Found in Hoffman’s bag in the Hotel, after Sebastian calls her to the location. Take it from the coffee table before talking to Hoffman.
  • Photographic Slide #10: Chapter 13 – The final Photographic Slide is located in the escape pod room after completing his side mission and helping him escape. If you completed both his Side Missions in Chapter 7, you’ll automatically get a call in Chapter 13. Finish it, then look inside the strange bathtub room before leaving The Marrow.
  • Photographic Slide #11: Listen to all 10 Photographic Slides in Sebastian’s Room and the black cat will show you where the last slide is located. Follow the cat and take the slide, then listen to Kidman’s to earn the achievement / trophy.
  • File #38: The last file is located on the desk in Sykes’ Safe House. After leaving The Marrow, it will appear where Sykes used to sit.

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