Evil Within 2: All Files, Slides & Memories Locations | Chapter 2 Collectibles

Begin your quest for collectibles in The Evil Within 2 with all the files and slide locations hidden in Chapter 2. The Prologue and Chapter 1 feature no collectibles at all, so the hunt doesn’t begin until Chapter 2. The game hasn’t opened up completely yet at this point, so you won’t have to complete side missions or explore large maps to locate collectibles in Chapter 2 — it’s more like a traditional level, but that won’t last for long.

There are only six collectibles total in Chapter 2 of The Evil Within 2. Photographic slides are small images that prompt some dialogue from Kidman. The rest of the collectibles in this chapter are files — files come in several forms; you’ll get actual notes with some text, or a photographic, or both. Later on, you’ll be able to locate mysterious objects and memories with the communicator. Until then, let’s get started with Chapter 2.

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All Files, Slides, Memories & Object Locations | Chapter 2

There are three types of collectibles we’re covering here in The Evil Within 2 — files, photographic slides, and residual memories. Find all the locations for each type, divided by Chapter, in the guide below.


  • Photographic Slide #1: Leave the office at the start and you’ll find the first collectible on the desk beside the black cat. You can’t miss it.
  • File #1: Photo of William Baker – At the staged murder scene that constantly replays, enter the side door to reach the dark room where photos are being processed.
  • File #2: Extravagant Letter – Going upstairs in the creepy house, duck under the low metal gate to find this file on the desk.
  • File #3: Photo of Another Victim – Continuing on, you’ll find another murder victim scene that constantly rewinds. Go through the double doors and down the hall to the stairwell. There’s a very dark door to the right you can open with a file on a table further inside.
  • File #4: Journal of an Abandoned House – When you reach the abandoned house nursery, go to the kitchen / family room. To the left of the front door, there’s a door you can open with a file inside.
  • File #5: Photo of Castellanos Family – This one can’t be missed. You’ll automatically collect this file as you progress in Chapter 1. Get it for leaving through the front door.

There are 115 collectibles total in The Evil Within 2. You’ll earn the following achievements / trophies for locating every type of collectible:

  • Diligent Reader
    • All files collected.
  • Echoes Within STEM
    • Observed all residual memories.
  • Chatting With Kidman
    • Talked to Kidman about all the photographic slides.

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