Evil Within 2: Skyrim, DOOM & More Easter Eggs | Mystery Objects Guide


It’s a Pipboy Bobblehead! Just one of eight Bethesda Easter egg collectibles you can find.

Find references to other Bethesda games like Quake, Prey, Dishonored and The Elder Scrolls with these hidden Evil Within 2 Easter egg collectibles. There are eight in total, and each one is something from one of these other franchises — something we all recognize, except for our hero Sebastian — he can’t quite recall. But, he thinks they’re cool so they appear in his room whenever you take a return trip between chapters.

The Mystery Objects are probably the trickiest collectibles to track down. They’re usually hidden in places you wouldn’t normally look, and grabbing them doesn’t really give you any bonus — just another nice trinket to decorate your room. Finding them all unlocks the “All in the Family” achievement / trophy. Pretty cute there, Bethesda.

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Mystery Objects Locations Guide

There are a total of 8 Mystery Objects in The Evil Within 2. Each is an Easter egg related to one of publisher Bethesda’s other big game franchises. You’ll find references to Skyrim, Quake, DOOM, Wolfenstein, Dishonored, Fallout, Prey, and The Evil Within.


  • Mystery Object #1:
    • Location: Chapter 3
    • Reference: Quake – Rocket Launcher Replica
      • Found in the large house compound south of the Pit Stop. There’s a ruined house with a small fenced-in area to the side. Use the blue crate to hop the fence, climb the ladder, cross the boards to reach the rooftop. The item is in the corner.
  • Mystery Object #2:
    • Location: Chapter 3
    • Reference: Wolfenstein – Tiny Robot Dog
      • Find this object in the abandoned truck yard in the center of the map. Find the ruined truck in the weeds and circle around to the back to open it. Hop inside to find the collectible on the bed of the truck, behind a crate.
  • Mystery Object #3:
    • Location: Chapter 3
    • Reference: Dishonored – Corvo’s Mask
      • Explore the ruins of the train yard on the west side of the map. Look for a white crashed vehicle — across from the vehicle, there’s an open train car. Go to the front of the car and look on the seat to the right.
  • Mystery Object #4:
    • Location: Chapter 6
    • Reference: Fallout – Pipboy Bobblehead
      • While searching for an exit from the Marrow’s underground tunnels at the start of Chapter 6, you’ll reach a shipping container room filled with enemies. Before leaving, look to the left of the forklift — the Pipboy is wedged between the wall and a wooden crate.
  • Mystery Object #5:
    • Location: Chapter 7
    • Reference: DOOM – DOOM Guy Doll
      • Enter the alley near the Devil’s Own Taproom far south of the Safe House. You’ll find a dead Mobius soldier and a Residual Memory collectible in the back corner. Directly to the right of that memory is a blue trash bin with this easy-to-miss Mystery Object.
  • Mystery Object #6:
    • Location: Chapter 12
    • Reference: Skyrim – Dragon Symbol
      • During Sebastian’s return trip to his pristine house, look inside the office at the top of the stairs. The small room is hiding the Skyrim Mystery Object to the left, opposite the window.
  • Mystery Object #6:
    • Location: Chapter 13
    • Reference: Prey – Transtar Coffee Mug
      • After reaching the Hotel, Sebastian will call Hoffman and ask her to take a trip over to the Hotel before attempting to breach the Stronghold. When you regain control, check the front desk in the lobby for a coffee mug before talking to Hoffman.
  • Mystery Object #8:
    • Location: Chapter 17
    • Reference: The Evil Within – Keeper Doll
      • The last collectible is located in Sebastian’s house in Chapter 17. Before going upstairs, enter the living room. It’s on the bookshelf near the kitchen.


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