Evil Within 2: All Files, Slides & Memories Locations | Chapter 8 & 9 Collectibles

The following chapters are pretty short, so we’ve lumped Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 together in one The Evil Within 2 collectibles guide. A climactic battle occurs in the Grand Theater, and there’s only one collectible you can find before the encounter begins. Afterwards, Sebastian finds himself in a new, mysterious, and completely evil location.

At this point, you should be nearing the halfway point when it comes to collectibles. We’ve barely scratched the story’s surface, and there’s quite a bit of gameplay left, but the collectibles become a little bit more sparse as the campaign continues. Chapter 8 and 9, two very linear chapters, barely feature any. That all changes in Chapter 11 — you won’t find any collectibles in Chapter 10.

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All Files, Slides, Memories & Object Locations | Chapter 8 & 9

There are three types of collectibles we’re covering here in The Evil Within 2 — files, photographic slides, and residual memories. Find all the locations for each type, divided by Chapter, in the guide below.


  • Residual Memory #14: Chapter 8 – Go upstairs as you enter the theater itself. Go all the way up, and you’ll spot a residual memory standing in front of a creepy photo.
  • File #26: Chapter 9 – After taking the crank in the strange crypt, return to the locked gate. Before using the crank, enter the open door to the right. There’s a side room with a file beneath a strange cross on a table.
  • Residual Memory #15: Chapter 9 – After using the crank to open the gate, enter the second door on the right. Crawl through the tunnel to reach the neighboring cell with a memory.

There are 115 collectibles total in The Evil Within 2. You’ll earn the following achievements / trophies for locating every type of collectible:

  • Diligent Reader
    • All files collected.
  • Echoes Within STEM
    • Observed all residual memories.
  • Chatting With Kidman
    • Talked to Kidman about all the photographic slides.


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