Evil Within 2: Beat The Game To Unlock A “Cinematic” Easter Egg Experience

There’s a hilarious reward at the end of The Evil Within 2 — a more cinematic experience! The original The Evil Within featured a tight 2:35:1 aspect ratio, achieved through letterboxing. That means big black bars were added to the screen. The feature proved to be pretty controversial, and later updates unlocked the ability to remove the letterboxing entirely.

Well, things have turned around in The Evil Within 2. Now you can get those letterboxes back thanks to an unlockable extra after completing the game. Not only can you make the aspect ratio resemble the first game, you can also change up Sebastian’s look with a costume that more closely mirrors his previous look.

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Post-Game Unlockables & Bonuses Guide

After completing the game, a few unlockables will become available. These can be toggled on or off in the options menu.


  • New Game Plus: Adds New Game Plus mode to the game, allowing Sebastian to restart The Evil Within 2 with perks and weapon upgrades still unlocked.
  • Classic Difficulty: Extreme Difficulty.
  • Cinematic Letterboxing: Adds letterboxing to resemble the aspect ratio from The Evil Within 1.
    • From the Title Menu, go to Options -> HUD Display Settings.
  • The Evil Within 1 Classic Costume: After completing The Evil Within 2, you’ll be able to toggle Sebastian Castellanos’ costume, swapping to his detective vest from The Evil Within 1.
  • Professional Costume: A different version of Sebastian’s costume, complete with tie.
  • Drifter Costume: This is the version of Sebastian’s costume seen in the Prologue, with a ratty jacket.
  • Magnum Revolver: An extremely powerful handgun.

Normally, The Evil Within 2 displays in full, with no letterboxing to distort your display monitor’s aspect ratio. This extra feature is only unlocked after completing the game.

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