Evil Within 2: All Files, Slides & Memories Locations | Chapter 11 Collectibles

Skipping Chapter 10, we’re diving right back into the collectibles hunt in Chapter 11 of The Evil Within 2. After a short trip to the Union Nature Preserve, Sebastian will explore the tunnels of The Marrow and access a frightening laboratory. There’s a boss battle, and a ton of files to collect — you’ll also find the final Anima Event.

Anima Events are special encounters with a ghostly creature that can’t be killed. Certain files or residual memories will trigger Anima Events, sending Sebastian back into the nightmare at Beacon, the mental hospital featured in the first game. There’s nothing you can do but sneak away from your deadly stalker. The collectibles in these sections will only appear if you’ve triggered all three Anima Events — at the end, you’ll even get Sebastian’s trusty, classic Revolver as a reward.

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All Files, Slides, Memories & Object Locations | Chapter 11

There are three types of collectibles we’re covering here in The Evil Within 2 — files, photographic slides, and residual memories. Find all the locations for each type, divided by Chapter, in the guide below.


  • Coffee Maker #7: The chapter eventually leads to a new safe house. This is the last coffee maker, so drink up!
  • File #27: In the new (and last) safe house, grab the file on the desk for more information.
  • Photographic Slide #6: Return to Sebastian’s Room through the safe house mirror to find a new slide inside his office, on the surface beneath the cork board. This can be collected at any point after the start of Chapter 11.
  • Photographic Slide #7: After unlocking the large door with the power puzzle, look on the altar to the left to find another slide.
  • Residual Memory #16: The residual memory is located inside Hoffman’s safe house. You can’t miss it — it’s on the way to the Marrow Restricted Area.
  • File #28: Next, in the same safe house, access the computer Hoffman was previously sitting at. You can now use it to grab a file.
  • File #29: When you reach the lab lobby, enter the security office to the left of the destroyed metal detectors. There’s a file inside you can collect.
  • Residual Memory #17: Another memory of Hoffman will appear at the locked doors in the large two-story lab room. You can’t miss it.
  • File #30: To the left of the locked chip-reader door on the first floor of the lab, find a file near a Mobius soldier corpse.
  • File #31: Find another file to the right of the locked main doors. There’s a side-lab through the door with a note on the gurney.
  • File #32: An important Anima Event can be found opposite the locked-down red door. Use a Shock Bolt on the broken electrical panel in the first floor of the lab. That opens up to a long hallway with an office at the end. Grab the file to initiate another frightening sequence.
    • Complete all three Anima Events to unlock Sebastian’s Revolver.
  • File #33: In the Anima Event itself, you’ll eventually reach a room after escaping the ghostly figure with files on the left and right. One is on the left — stop and collect it before moving down the hallway.
  • File #34: The second file is on the right, in the same room as the previous collectible. These two files will only appear if you’ve finished all three Anima Events.
  • Photographic Slide #8: After exiting the Anima Event, the photographic slide will appear on the desk where File #32 was located.
  • Residual Memory #18: The Residual Memory is located on the second floor, inside Lab #2.
  • File #35: Found in Lab #3, also on the second floor. You’ll need to access the file to get the code for the Unity Chip drill. It’s required to progress.
  • Residual Memory #19: The last memory is located in the room after the boss fight. Enter the chamber right after the arena to find this memory.

There are 115 collectibles total in The Evil Within 2. You’ll earn the following achievements / trophies for locating every type of collectible:

  • Diligent Reader
    • All files collected.
  • Echoes Within STEM
    • Observed all residual memories.
  • Chatting With Kidman
    • Talked to Kidman about all the photographic slides. 

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