Evil Within 2: How To Beat Every Boss | Survival Strategy Guide

There’s no getting around the nigh unstoppable bosses of The Evil Within 2. These hulking, nightmarish beasts are encountered surprisingly frequently, and your tiny health bar won’t last long when these maniacs are out for blood. Here we’ll provide tips to help you handle each battle without wasting all your precious ammo. It’s all about efficiency, and not all boss battles are created equal — sometimes you can get creative and use the environment to your advantage.

A true “boss” battle doesn’t appear until Chapter 5 in The Evil Within 2. That gives you plenty of time to stock up on ammo and materials. To deal with bosses, I recommend bringing in at least 2 medical syringes — and try to unlock perks to increase your total health and stamina. The more stamina you have, the more you can run from bosses. That’s practically the most important part of any boss battle; running away.

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How To Beat Every Boss | Strategy Guide

The Evil Within 2 is full of boss battles. Learn how to handle them all with the individual guides below.


Use the environmental hazards on the edges of the arena to really damage this thing.

Chapter 5 – Buzzsaw Stalker

Before entering the Guardian’s lair in front of City Hall, bring 2 / 3 Medical Syringes. If you follow these tips, you should only need 1 Medical Syringe for this fight.

The buzzsaw-wielding monstrosity will charge at Sebastian — save your energy for sprinting away when the creature begins to run at you. That means it’ll use its buzzsaw attack. Break line-of-sight to more easily avoid its attacks, and use the environment to your advantage.

  • On the back-right corner, there’s an explosive barrel. Kick it over, then lure it into the oil and shoot the barrel.
  • Use the leaking fuel tanker on the left. The oil puddle here will constantly refresh itself, so you can use it over and over.
  • Lead the boss into the trip-wire in the back-left corner (or directly right of the entrance) to slow it down. When it’s slow, unload a few Sniper Rifle or Shotgun rounds into the creature’s “main” face.

Keep sprinting, and use the Sniper Rifle to dish out extra damage from far away. Use the environmental hazards, and this boss should go down relatively safely.

Enter the overturned truck and check the small fenced areas for extra supplies — you’ll find explosive bolts, pistols rounds, and more.

Don’t waste all your ammo trying to kill Obscura. Shoot it to keep it distracted, then run!

Chapter 5 – Obscura

The Obscura is a disgusting, living tripod that can freeze time after you activate the Emitter on the second floor of the Union City Hall. This isn’t a standard boss fight — you don’t need to kill the Obscura, you just need to keep it occupied for 80 seconds.

  • You can use the high walls and cover to hide from the Camera Obscura monster. If you run out of stamina, hide and wait for it to recharge.
  • Don’t waste ammo shooting Obscura! Get its attention, and try to stay in its cone of vision when the timer is ticking down.
  • The Obscura will approach the emitter and freeze time. When it does, use the pistol to shoot Obscura’s “face” — the camera lens. A few shots will stun it and disable the time-stopping power.

There are extra pistol bullets around the arena. Try using the Crossbow’s Shock Bolts — those will instantly stun Obscura with one shot. Retreat when it sees you and use cover to block line-of-sight so it can’t use its leeping attack.

After enough time has passed, Obscura will crawl on the ceiling — aim up and blast it, and just try to stay alive for 80 seconds. When the timer hits 0, the battle is over.

Don’t waste bullets trying to shoot Stefano when you approaches. Wait for him to attack, then shoot.

Chapter 8 – Stefano

The evil artist Stefano finally sticks around for a real fight in Chapter 8. The arena has plenty of cover, and a few extra bullets to collect. Go into this fight with at least two medical syringes and try to stock up on shotgun shells and pistol bullets. Unlock stamina perks to increase your stamina bar — you’ll want to keep moving in this fight!

  • Stefano will teleport and dodge if you attempt to shoot him. Don’t waste ammo! Wait for him to attack — there’s a short period after he attacks you can counter-attack.
  • Bring an Axe into the fight. An axe melee attack will do tons of damage to Stefano.
  • Stefano uses multiple attacks his first phase — if he approaches you, he’ll attempt to stab you. Let him get close, then sprint away. Shoot him once (pistol or shotgun) while he recovers from a failed attack.
    • If Stefano teleports and stand in a single place, he’ll attempt to throw a knife. If he stands still and charges his camera, you have time to attack while he charges. Either way, take cover using the high walls.
  • In Phase 2, the giant camera-eye will slam its tentacles down. Avoid the “lanes” between the tall cover. The tentacles won’t smash the high cover, so you can safely hide behind.
  • In Phase 2, Stefano will gain two new attacks. He’ll charge his camera, then throw grenades. He’ll snap a picture of the explosions — stay away from the frozen explosions! They’ll really explode if you get too close.
    • Stefano will also use a powerful grapple attack. He’ll attempt this attack when he teleports all over randomly. Quickly sprint away when he charges at you with his hands outstretched.
  • In Phase 2, Stefano’s regular knife slash attack will also gain a second combo strike. Back away, wait for the animation to pause, then shoot Stefano while he recovers. Use only one bullet! He’ll teleport away after taking some damage.

Keep on your toes and spin the camera around. Stefano will try to strike from the shadows and teleports all over the arena. Stay near cover to avoid his camera / knives and shoot him with the pistol at range — set the Shotgun / Pistol on shortcuts and use the shotgun when Stefano attempts his standard knife attacks.

Hide from O’Neal so you can ambush him from the shadows. A sneak attack or a Sniper Rifle bullet to the head works well.

Chapter 11 – Lost O’Neal

O’Neal becomes something new when you reach the fabrication area of The Marrow labs. He’s armed with a flamethrower, and the powerful weapon can create damaging barriers that block pathways. The fire can also remove cover points. After hosing down the area with liquid propellant, O’Neal will charge Sebastian and attempt to attack with the blade-like nozzle.

  • Unlike other bosses, you can actually hide from O’Neal and lose him. He’s relatively slow, so sprint around corners and duck down. He won’t be able to track you for long.
    • When he loses you, Sebastian can sneak behind him and deliver a powerful sneak attack. Perfect for conserving ammo.
  • Speaking of ammo, there are multiple pistol and shotgun ammo pickups in the area. Even if you don’t grab them during the fight, pick them up when the battle is over.
  • Shock Bolts are a good way to stun O’Neal. When’s stunned, aim for headshots. Pistol or Sniper headshots especially.
  • After O’Neal removes his mask, you’ll know you’re about 50% done with the fight.
  • To stop the fires, use the yellow switches to start the emergency water systems. That’ll put out the fires in two sections of the arena.
    • Use the Cryogenic Tanks when O’Neal gets close. One shot will freeze him — use a powerful weapon like an extremely close-range shotgun blast or headshots.

To deal with O’Neal, stay on the move. Circle the arena to escape, then sneak up behind him. Attack or use sneak attacks, and activate the water system to put out fires when the smoke gets too thick. Take this fight slow, and you’ll win.

The dreaded Keeper returns for another round.

Chapter 14 – Father Theodore

Instead of fighting Father Theodore directly, instead the evil priest summons Sebastian’s past to hunt him. After a quick encounter with the chainsaw Sadist, you’ll appear in an arena with The Keeper, and then Laura.

  • The Keeper is a brutist thug that charges and attempts to smash Sebastian’s head with a hammer. If you’re close, he’ll swing his body bag wildly. You can’t hide from the Keeper, so you’ll just have to fight him.
  • There are multiple ammo pick-ups in the passages — stock up if you’re low, but it helps to bring ammo into the fight so you don’t have to waste resources with field crafting.
  • Sprint away and aim for the chest. The keeper takes no damage if you shoot him in the head.

Unload enough bullets into The Keeper and he’ll die. Nothing too tricky, but after he dies, you’ll have to fight two Keepers at once. Try to lure them together and use explosive or shock bolts to damage / stun them both. Try using the Assault Rifle at range or just keep shooting them. Upgraded harpoon bolts are pretty effective and cheap to make.

  • After the twin Keepers are dead, Laura will return. Laura will teleport as she approaches Sebastian, and if she manages to catch you, it’s an instant dead! To kill her, you’ll need fire.
  • There are two ways to kill Laura — lure her into the fire trap and burn her, or use the repaired flamethrower to defeat her.
    • If you have the repaired flamethrower, equip it and use it. She’ll stop when she’s burning — it might take all 99 rounds, but keep burning her. Eventually, she’ll die.
  • If you don’t have a flamethrower or enough fuel, you’ll have to use the traps in the room.
  • There are two valves in the arena — kill Laura by damaging her, or stun her with freeze or shock bolts then turn the valves. That’ll give you enough time to turn one valve before she recovers or respawns.
    • When both valves are activated, the fire trap in the center will become available. Use a shock bolt to stun her underneath the burners, then pull the yellow lever to defeat Laura.

With both monstrosities destroyed, you’ll end Theodore and complete the boss battle.


Chapter 16 – Possessed Myra

Myra is a giant monster that appears at Sebastian’s house. She’s lost herself in the STEM system, and she’ll do anything to stop Sebastian. To damage Myra, you’ll need to aim at the glowing weak spots on that appear in three phases — her waist, then her two shoulder-blades, then on her lower jaw.

  • You can’t get too close to Myra, so you’ll need long-range weapons. The regular Handgun, the Full-Barrelled Shotgun, and the Assault Rifle are good picks.
    • The Crossbow is good too, but the boss’ constant movement makes it difficult to land shots.
  • As the fight continues, Myra will smash the ground and summon disgusting spiders. You can foot-stomp the spiders — they’ll drop ammo and gunpowder.

Myra attacks the ground with arm-slams. If you get too close, it’s swipe a hand across the area near Myra. Keep sprinting left or right to avoid the strikes. After destroying one arm, Myra will summon a tentacle appendage that slams the ground or slides left / right.

  • To hit the shoulders more easily, wait until the arm strikes land. After a series of strikes, Myra will pause, giving you a short amount of time to shoot the shoulder blades. Keep sprinting to avoid attacks.

At this point, you should have plenty of ammo. Upgrade to have as much health / stamina as possible. Those will help you the most. The pistol is one of the best weapons for this fight — stock up on Assault Rifle ammo before the fight and bring plenty of health syringes.

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