Evil Within 2: Lockers & Locker Key Locations | Collectibles Guide

Unlock those valuable lockers in the treatment center with every hidden locker key in The Evil Within 2. Locker Keys are special collectibles hidden inside small statues. You’ll have to smash the statues to get the keys, and statues aren’t always within knife distance. Keys unlock the lockers when you meet the mysterious Nurse between chapters — you’ll find useful materials, extra green gel, or ammo inside each one.

There are 32 locker keys total in The Evil Within 2. Finding all the keys (and opening every locker) will earn you the “Locksmith” achievement / trophy. This is a survival horror game, so the more ammo, the better. The Evil Within 1 was notoriously stingy with ammo — while The Evil Within 2 might not be as difficult, it still helps to stock up between deadly encounters.

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Lockers & Locker Key Locations | Collectibles Guide

To open lockers, you’ll need to find keys in the environment. There are a total of 32 locker keys in The Evil Within 2. Lockers often contain valuable loot, so they’re always worth tracking down. Locker keys are always located inside small statues that you’ll have to break to access.

All lockers are located in Nurse Tatiana’s treatment area. When you visit, make sure to crack open as many as you can before moving on.


Chapter 1:


Chapter 2:


Chapter 3:

  • Locker Key #1: The first statue containing a locker key is found directly across the street from the safe house, on a bench outside the Union Visitor’s Center. Smash the statue to get the key.
  • Locker Key #2: To the right of the visitor’s center, check out the church. The statue is located on the floor behind the altar with the corpse.
  • Locker Key #3: Go to the house behind the church (the same one you’ll enter for the “Rogue Signal” Side Mission) and enter the storage room down the hallway. There’s a yellow hatch you can open to access the basement. Continue on through the underground until you reach an elevator. When the undead break through the elevator doors, go inside to find the third statue.
  • Locker Key #4: At the Auto Repair Shop, look across the street at the small houses. On a porch, behind a tall bird-feeder statue, there’s a smaller locker key statue you can smash.
  • Locker Key #5: Go to the northwest corner of the map and find the garage with the Sniper Rifle Parts. Look to the left of the garage exterior to find a statue.
  • Locker Key #6: Found behind the Gas Station in the northeast corner of the map. Go behind the building and look near the roof in the corner — the statue is stuck on top of some dark metal sheets leaning against the back of the pit stop.
  • Locker Key #7: South of the Gas Station, there’s a sign with the locker key statue wedged into it. It’s right out in the open, so you should see it as you travel up and down the road in the northeast corner.
  • Locker Key #8: Go to the ruined Train Yard on the western side of the map. Look between the crashed white car and the train car to find a hidden statue.

Chapter 4:

Once you complete Chapter 3, you’ll unlock the Shooting Range in Sebastian’s room. Complete the Shooting Gallery on various difficulties for a shot at earning locker keys. You can also earn green gel for upgrades. Access Sebastian’s room from any mirror. Two Locker Keys can be obtained in the Shooting Range.

  • Locker Key #9: When accessing the tunnels of Marrow, Sebastian will acquire a gas mask and navigate the old underground passages in first-person. Sneak by the freaky monsters until you reach a fork — right leads toward the object. Go left instead, pass two green barrels, and you’ll find a yellow barrel in the corner with the statue.

Chapter 5

  • Locker Key #10: Leave the safe house at the start of Chapter 5. Take the ladder up and out of the building, then look behind the small structure to find a locker key statue.
  • Locker Key #11: Later in the chapter, after defeating the second Guardian boss, go downstairs in the City Hall. Kick open the double doors to the main hall (with the red carpet) to find a statue in the previously inaccessible area.

Chapter 6

  • Locker Key #12: This one is tricky. Right at the start, enter the fenced-in area to the right (instead of entering the vent to the left) and backtrack down the passage. At the end, look up to spot a statue wedged into the pipes.

Chapter 7

  • Locker Key #13: South of the safe house, look for the red Credit Union’s front doors. The statue is on top of a tall concrete thing to the left of the locked double doors.
  • Locker Key #14: Continue south and stick to the east edge of the map to find the Diner. Outside the diner, facing a train, there are three dumpsters. Next to the dumpsters, there’s a leaning sheet of metal with a statue hidden under it.
  • Locker Key #15: The next statue is located on the diner itself. Look at the sign to spot the statue on the right edge, on the three red lines.
  • Locker Key #16: Go into the large alley beside the Devil’s Own Taproom. There’s a large pile of bodies — look to the right of the bodies and up at the roof corner to spot a tricker locker key statue.
  • Locker Key #17: After you open the gates to the Theater, enter and stick to the right side of the interior concrete fence. There’s a statue along the wall.

Chapter 8

  • Locker Key #18: When Stefano’s eye is watching for you in the destroyed area of the theater, you’ll have to sneak to each wall to avoid detection. After hopping up a step, you’ll take cover at a corner and turn right. To the right, there’s a tall wall section — behind that, there’s a small optional wall with a hidden statue.

Chapter 9

  • Locker Key #19: In the strange prison, Sebastian will take the crank from a machine. That will open the cells in the crypt. Go back through the first prison block, then when you reach the tomb that splinters right, enter the open door to the cell block straight ahead. In this area, turn right to find the missing statue.
  • Locker Key #20: When you reach the spinning dial puzzle, look up at the huge statues opposite the altar. One of the massive statues has a locker key statue in the brazier plate it holds in its hands.

Chapter 10

  • Locker Key #21: While defending the house at the start of the chapter, something will break through the ceiling. After clearing the area, look up through the hole. There’s a lockey key statue hidden up there!

Chapter 11

  • Locker Key #22: There’s a very tricky locker key statue located in the two-story lab chamber with the locked door that requires a chip to gain access. From the chip-locked large door, look left and straight up — the statue is on a disabled light hanging from the ceiling.
  • Locker Key #23: The second key of this chapter is found in the chamber with the strange Emitter machine O’Neal built. Before you talk to Torres, immediately look behind the machine to find one sneaky statue.

Chapter 12


Chapter 13

  • Locker Key #24: At the start of the chapter, exit the safe house in the Business District and look around the corner to the right — in the room with the dead body, there’s a hidden Locker Key statue.
  • Locker Key #25: Inside the Diner south of the safe house, enter the restroom near the kitchen door and look on the shelf to the left.
  • Locker Key #26: Outside the Diner, go to the intersection guarded by several of the fat, exploding suicidal Lost monsters. On the traffic lights, you’ll find another Locker Key statue.
  • Locker Key #27: Next, check out the Devil’s Own Taproom and look in the back room where Stefano’s painting was once hanging from the wall.
  • Locker Key #28: The last statue in this chapter is located south of Sykes’ Safe House, in the burning rubble next to the hotel.

Chapter 14

The last two locker keys can be acquired in the Shooting Range bonus game that unlocks in Sebastian’s Room. Complete the Very Hard Difficulty and Chain modes with enough points to get the final two Locker Keys as prizes.

  • Locker Key #29: As you climb the Stronghold tower, you’ll reach a large room with a locked gate and multiple burning Lost patrolling the environment. Use the side-hallways to reach the lever to escape — before leaving, look in the side-hallways for a mine cart. The locker key is hidden inside.
  • Locker Key #30: The last locker key is located in the tower, in the grey room where you’ll have to lower the stairs while crawling enemies spawn. Kill the enemies, then look up and to the left of the lowered stairs — the locker key is on the pipes in the darkness. Very tricky to see.

Chapter 15


Chapter 16


Chapter 17


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