Evil Within 2: All Files, Slides & Memories Locations | Chapter 7 Collectibles

It’s time for another lengthy chapter in The Evil Within 2. Chasing down Stefano, the mad photographer, Sebastian enters the Business District — another large map like the Residential District. There’s a whole lot of stuff to explore here. The area is filled with alleys and stores to poke around. Don’t miss any of the collectible files, photographic slides, or residual memories — especially the all-important Anima Events.Photographic Slides are more important than they might seem. The tiny photos can be viewed in Sebastian’s Room — talk to Kidman, and a black cat will deliver 700 Green Gel for every photo you discuss. Files and Residual Memories are pretty important too. Sometimes they’ll reveal keycodes or item locations on your map. Keep scrolling to find them all in Chapter 7.

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All Files, Slides, Memories & Object Locations | Chapter 7

There are three types of collectibles we’re covering here in The Evil Within 2 — files, photographic slides, and residual memories. Find all the locations for each type, divided by Chapter, in the guide below.


  • Residual Memory #11: Behind the red Credit Union south of the Safe House in the Business District.
  • Residual Memory #12: Found inside the Diner, south of the Safe House and on the eastern edge of the map. Watching the memory will trigger the second Anima Event — this is required if you want to get all the collectibles in the game.
  • Photographic Slide #5: A slide is found on the body where the previous Residual Memory was located. After escaping the event, don’t forget to grab it.
  • File #25: Found in the Devil’s Own Taproom, a bar in the Business District. Found on a table in the back right.
  • Residual Memory #13: Enter the alley near the Devil’s Own Taproom. It’s a large area with a pile of dead bodies. Continue toward the back, behind a Mobius APC to find the memory near a blue fence.
  • Coffee Maker #6: There’s another Safe House in the center of the Business District. Access it for more fresh coffee.

There are 115 collectibles total in The Evil Within 2. You’ll earn the following achievements / trophies for locating every type of collectible:

  • Diligent Reader
    • All files collected.
  • Echoes Within STEM
    • Observed all residual memories.
  • Chatting With Kidman
    • Talked to Kidman about all the photographic slides.

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