Evil Within 2: How To Find & Complete Every Side Mission | Optional Quests Guide

The Evil Within 2 features more than a few changes to the survival-horror formula — one big change is the optional side missions. As you unlock new locations, Detective Castellanos will meet characters with bonus objectives you can complete. These objectives generally send you to locations you might not explore on your own, so they’re almost always worth doing.

Side Missions first become available in Chapter 3, and you’ll usually find them in the safe hour at the start of a chapter. Talking to the stranded soldiers, they’ll give you info and map waypoints on your communicator — a new device you can use to scan the environment and keep in contact with Kidman.

Not every Side Mission is so simple, and some take you down some pretty dark paths in the crumbling mental landscape of Union — a township created within STEM that’s rapidly falling apart. The dead, former test subjects once connected to the STEM network, patrol the dream-like world. You’ll need all the help you can get, and often, you’ll find the Side Missions are worth it for the rewards alone.

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Side Missions Guide

As you progress in The Evil Within 2, side missions will become available. Make sure to complete any side missions you may have before the end of each chapter.

Side Mission #1: Rogue Signal [Chapter 3]

The first side mission is available in the Chapter 3 safe house. Talk to O’neal and select “Supplies” in the dialogue options. Check your map and investigate the quest markers — follow the radio signal to find each area. Use the Communicator to hone in on the green zone each time.

  • Follow the signals to locate various Mobius soldier memory locations.
    • You’ll also find the Laser-Sighted Pistol at the Auto Repair parking lot.

For finishing this mission, you’ll earn the “Backup Ain’t Coming” achievement / trophy.

Side Mission #2: Unknown Origin [Chapter 3]

Find a mysterious house, up the road from the north safe house in Chapter 3. It’s on the road near the path up to the Pit Stop, and the house itself shakes with a strange energy. Sebastian will hear a scream when he approaches. Rush inside for a strange sequence of events, followed by a reward upgrade.

Side Mission #3: Out In the Open [Chapter 7]

Go toward the souther safe house in the Business District map in Chapter 7. A friendly Mobius Operative named Sykes needs help. Enter the parking lot through the glowing gate handle and clear out the monsters to save him.

Side Mission #4:  [Chapter 7]

After rescuing Sykes, he’ll enter the Safe House and you can continue to talk to him. He’ll give you another job — complete it to earn a powerful new weapon. Sykes will unlock all the locked supply caches in the Business District.

The reward, along with the boxes of gear, is the Silenced Handgun variant.

Side Mission #5: [Chapter 13]

On the return trip to the Business District, if you completed Sykes last two Side Missions, Sykes will immediately contact you as you phase into the environment. He has a plan to escape, but he needs your help. Travel to Sykes’ Safe House.

Enter The Marrow through the active computer in Sykes’ Safe House and clear the area of Lost. Defeat the visible enemies first before using the switch behind the fenced-in area. When the room is safe, go through the unlocked door to the Escape Pod. After Sykes leaves, you can take the Double-Barreled Shotgun from the weapon case.

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