Dead Space 2 Cost $60 Million To Make; Only Sold 4 Million Copies

Remember Dead Space? That awesome sci-fi horror shooter where the mechanic was essentially just to blast off the limbs of aliens? Well it seems that the first one’s popularity didn’t really play into the second one well enough. Former level designer Zach Wilson, who now works at Bethesda, spoke out regarding Dead Space 2 and how it had a budget of $60 million – the game itself  however, only managed to sell 4 million copies.

Stating on Twitter, Wilson said that EA wanted to increase the budget even further for marketing.

Visceral Studios recently shut down, bringing an end to any more possibilities of Dead Space titles, the upcoming star wars game will, however, remain in development.

‘Previously known as EA Redwood Shores, Visceral Games was a subsidiary of Electronic Arts and had been working on an ‘authentic’ new Star Wars game prior to the announcement. EA filled in some more blanks in the update, revealing the game will be a “story-based, linear adventure” that will be created with the Frostbite engine (also used for Mass Effect: Andromeda). EA also made it clear that while Visceral Games is no longer, EA Worldwide Studios will be resuming work on the Star Wars project, which was originally projected to release by 2019. A new timeframe will be announced in the future.’

Former game director Scott Warner also spoke out and noted that while Visceral was meant to do well, it was ultimately “defeated by forces beyond our control”.