Horizon Zero Dawn | Side Mission Walkthrough

After the fall of civilization, giant robot dinosaurs roam the land — all you’ve got is a bow and arrow. Learn how to defend yourself and take down even the toughest bosses with Gameranx’s full Horizon Zero Dawn game guide, covering every aspect of the singleplayer adventure. Whether you’re plowing through missions, murdering minions, or facing off against a premier giant monster, we’ll provide the tips and tricks you need to survive.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, you play as Aloy, a lone human fighting for survival, defending what’s left of civilization on a ruined Earth. Instead of a high-tech armory, the “rebooted” human race fights with primitive weapons — augmented with advanced ancient technology.

This is an open-world adventurer through-and-through, and there are tons of deadly automatons to face off against as you progress through Aloy’s story. Join us as we take a tour through the full campaign, with a special focus on the deadliest encounters and how to come out victorious.

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