Horizon Zero Dawn: Unlock Invincibility With This Secret Armor Location

Scrounge up a relic of the past to become totally invincible in Horizon Zero Dawn. The super-secret (and completely locked-up) Shield-Weaver armor suit is only available to dedicated players willing to search high and low for hidden power cells in the environment. Finding all the power cells opens the doors of an ancient armory, and you’ll be able to steal away with a highly advanced suit of armor that looks more Halo 5 than Fallout 4.

Each power cell can be collected as you progress through the game, but all areas are open to explore in free-roam after completing the story, so you can’t get locked out. 

The Shield-Weaver armor basically renders you completely invulnerable. When the bright red light starts to flash, that means you’re invincibility is running low. Take cover and you’ll be back in the fight, safe and sound. The suit protects against all types of damage, so if you’re looking for a great end-game outfit, this is our new favorite choice.

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Secret Shield-Weaver Armor | Location Guide

As you progress through the game, you’ll find a quest marker for the Ancient Armory Bunker — a special locked location that requires 5 hidden power cells to access. The bunker won’t open until you’ve delivered all the cells.

  • NOTE: To begin the “Ancient Armory” side-quest, collect any of the Power Cells.

After collecting a cell, you’ll need to save your game or risk losing it. They are not saving automatically, and any death will result in you losing your cell. You can collect power cells during the main campaign missions, or return to these locations later. You’re never locked out, and can always return and collect any cells you missed.

Power Cell Locations:

  • Cell #1: The Womb of the Mountain
    • Area: All Mother
    • Location: During the “Search for your equipment” phase of the quest, move through the blue doors and turn right to face a locked red door. Crawl into the vent to reach a room with the first power cell on the floor.
  • Cell #2: Maker’s End
    • Area: Maker’s End
    • Location: While looking for information on Dr. Sobek, climb up to the 12th floor of the tower. From this floor, climb the large metal beam structure at the back of the room. There’s a treasure chest at the base. Continue up to reach the highest point of the building where this power cell is found.
  • Cell #3: The Grave-Hoard
    • Area: The Grave-Hoard
    • Location: When working to restore power, drop into the silo and complete the holo clock puzzles. Finish all three to open the ancient door. As you step through the door, you’ll find this cell directly in your path. It’s hard to miss.
  • Cell #4: The Mountain That Fell
    • Area: GAIA Prime
    • Location: While searching for the master override, you’ll leave the third floor interior and exit outside. There’s a waypoint on the beam, allowing you to zip-line across the gorge. Before doing that, drop down onto the rocks to the left and enter the hidden cave that leads to this power cell.
  • Cell #5: Free Roam Exploration
    • Area: Ruins
    • Location: Return to the ruins featured in the prologue (accessible at any time) — drop down and pry open one of the locked doors in the underground. Smash through the rocks blocking the doorway to find the last cell on a desk.

Now select the “Ancient Armor” quest from the menu to find the bunker location on your map. Drop down into the water-logged cavern and insert all five power cells to open the door into the armory. After recharging both areas, complete the clock puzzles on either side to finally open the door to the Shield-Weaver armor.

  • 1st Puzzle: Up / Right / Down / Left / Up
  • 2nd Puzzle: Right / Left / Up / Right / Left

Open the “Shield-Weaver Outfit Box” to get your armor, and unlock the “Got the Shield-Weaver Outfit” trophy. Now its time for some care-free giant robot slaying.