Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Get Unlimited Fast Travel | Beginner’s Guide

The post-apocalypse of Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t exactly a friendly place. With massive mechanical beasts and crazed cultists, there’s plenty of reasons why you’ll want to safely skip out on those long treks back to civilization. The only problem? It’ll cost you — fast travel doesn’t come free in Horizon Zero Dawn, and you’ll have to pay in the long-run, or drop a lot of scrap early to unlock an unlimited amount of fast travel.

Below, we’ll describe how to craft Fast Travel Packs, and how to get the special Golden Fast Travel Pack that unlocks an infinite amount of fast travel tokens. Either way, you’re going to have to save some parts / materials.

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Fast Travel — How It Works

Similar to any other open-world adventure, you’ll be able to travel to-and-from any campfires or settlements you’ve discovered in the world. Bring up the map and select the icon to initiate fast travel — if you’ve got a special item called a “Fast Travel Pack“.

The Fast Travel Pack is what you’ll need to move around freely (and quickly) in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. These packs can be crafted anywhere if you’ve got the ingredients.

Fast Travel Packs aren’t cheap. You’ll need to save up plenty of materials to stay stocked on fast travel, especially if you plan on using it regularly.

  • How to Craft Fast Travel Packs:
    • Open the Menu and Select Crafting
      • Scroll down to “Travel” and Select the Pack Icon
    • To craft a Fast Travel Pack, it costs:
      • x15 Ridge-Wood
      • x1 Fatty Meat
      • x1 Bony Meat

There’s another way you can fast travel without crafting endless Fast Travel Packs — you can purchase the Golden Fast Travel Pack using in-game currency from a vendor.


How to Unlock Unlimited Fast Travel

If you’re planning on fast travelling early and often, you can purchase a Golden Fast Travel Pack from a vendor. Buying this item completely replaces Fast Travel Packs, allowing you to infinitely travel without using precious crafting materials every time. It isn’t that expensive, and can be unlocked fairly early in the game.

  • Where to Get the Golden Fast Travel Pack:
    • Location: Go to the Meridian settlement and talk to the merchant in the market square to purchase a Golden Fast Travel pack in the Resources tab.
    • Purchase Cost: 
      • x50 Metal Shards
      • x1 Fox Skin
      • x10 Fatty Meat

One Golden Fast Travel Pack costs a lot more than a simple Fast Travel Pack, but the investment is worth it. It’s easy to overlook this enhanced item at the bottom of the merchant’s resources list.