Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Ride Robots & Unlock Permanent Mounts

Aloy, the heroine of Horizon Zero Dawn, isn’t just a robot-hunter, she’s also a robot-tamer. Thanks to the Override Skill (obtained early in the game) you’ll be able to temporarily take control over robot minions to help you in combat. Override, when upgraded at the Cauldron dungeons found throughout the map, makes this skill even more powerful, providing Aloy with the ability to ride robotic animals in combat.

Basically, you can turn certain enemies into mounts. Unfortunately, these mounts don’t last long. The Override is temporary, and only lasts for a set amount of time before the bot goes hostile on you. But, mounting a machine is a good way to get around the environment without Fast Travel Packs, and it’s a fun way to escape a deadly encounter.

If you’re tired of losing mounts and want a more permanent solution, check out the basic tips below for a full explanation.

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How To Ride Robots & Unlock Permanent Mounts

The Override Ability becomes available after completing your first Cauldron, and more Cauldrons become available as you explore the vast open world map. The more Cauldrons you complete, the more powerful your Override Ability will become, allowing you to ride tamed robots across the environment.

Override only gives you a temporary mount. They’ll disappear after leaving an area, and you’ll have to hunt down another roaming beast to take control all over again. There’s a way to skip this process and call in a fresh mount whenever you want.

  • To get a permanent mount, purchase the “Call Mount+” skill in the Forager skill tree.
    • Cost: 3 Skill Points

You’ll need to purchase and unlock “Lure Call”, “Combat Override” and “Combat Override+” before unlocking this ability, but if you spend your skill points on the skill tree, it won’t take long to reach “Call Mount+”.

Call Mount+ summons an already-Overridden robot for you to ride. It also aids you in combat right away, and can be called at any point in the game. Mounts aren’t allowed in Settlements, and will disappear when you leave it alone, but you can always call in a replacement.

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