Horizon Zero Dawn: Get Every Collectible Location With These Maps

There are 60+ collectibles in Horizon Zero Dawn, and there are rewards for finding them all. Once you fill out each row in you collection, you can redeem at the Specialty Merchants found in Meridian, or just sell your Ancient Vessels for Metal Shards right away.

They’re all worth tracking down, but instead of killing yourself searching every loose crevasse of the environment, we’ve found an easier way to complete your collection — get a map. There are four maps that cover all four types of major collectible; Metal Flowers, Banuk Figures, Ancient Vessels and Vantages. There are more collectibles than that, but these are the hardest to find, and the most non-essential (but super valuable!). See where to purchase maps, and how much they’ll cost below.

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Merchant Map Location | How to Find All Collectibles

The collectible maps are found only at specific merchants, but one of these merchants can be found at the Hunter’s Gathering settlement. Access the Merchant’s Special Items tab to find all four types; Metal Flowers, Banuk Figures, Ancient Vessels, and Vantages.

  • Where to Get Collectible Maps
    • Location: Hunter’s Gathering – Merchant

When tracking collectibles down, use Focus to help locate them. Mark the collectible icon on your map, then move to the center of the search area circle.

The collectibles are not perfectly marked — the maps only provide a search area, but they’re still easy to find. Once you reach a search circle, go to the very center then activate Focus. This will help you highlight any collectible items nearby.

The maps are actually pretty cheap. They cost a little scrap and a few materials.

  • Map – Metal Flowers
    • Price: x5 Metal Shards, x2 Blaze
  • Map – Banuk Figures
    • Price: x8 Metal Shards, x1 Rich Meat, x1 Fatty Meat
  • Map – Ancient Vessels
    • Price: x10 Metal Shards, x1 Metalburn
  • Map – Vantages
    • Price: x12 Metal Shards, x2 Chillwater

After purchasing one of these items, the collectible locations will appear on your personal map.

The vantages and Banuk figures are always located on high cliffs, so look for passages to climb up to find these on your map. Just select the collectible location (visible after taming the tallneck in the area) and follow the waypoint to locate them all.

Some Metal Flowers or Ancient Vessels are found underground. Look for a Ruins icon or interior marker nearby to clue you in where these collectibles can be found. Ancient Vessels are always located in piles of Ancient Debris.

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