Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Climb Tallnecks & Clear Fog | Locations Guide

After completing the first few story missions of Horizon Zero Dawn, the first thing you’ll notice in the open world map is all that fog. Fives sections of your free roam map are obscured. You can get rid of all that fog, all you need are those giant dino-bots called Tallnecks. These peaceful beacons are found in five zones, and overriding them should be your first priority. Here, we’ll talk about where to find them, and how to climb them.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has been sent back to the Stone Age, but the bizarre robotic monsters of the technologically advanced past haunt the environments. You’ll have to dodge, duck, and defeat multiple types of deadly adversaries, but the Tallnecks aren’t one of them. They won’t fight back, but how to climb them isn’t always super obvious.

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How Climb Tallnecks & Clear Fog | Locations Guide

The Tallnecks, gigantic cybernetic dinosaurs that almost resemble a brontosaurus. The “fog” on the map makes it so you can’t see landmarks or other icons. When entering a new location, finding and overriding a Tallneck should be your first priority. They will reveal data on the whole location so you don’t  have to explore everywhere yourself.

If you’re having trouble finding the best place to jump onto a Tallneck, try trailing it. Follow the giant along its predetermined path and stay up high. Get on a hill, structure, or chunk of debris. Anything that’s above the ground is a good place to start.

Once you jump onto the creature’s neck, the rest of the climb is straightforward. Reach the top then press [Triangle] to override the center.

  • Tallneck #1
    • Location: Devil’s Thirst
    • How to Climb: Enter the rusty ruin and climb the concrete ramp to the upper level of the wrecked structure near the ledge. There’s a red-ish orange metal ramp on the edge of the floor — use this to jump onto the Tallneck as it passes.
  • Tallneck #2
    • Location: Copper Deeps
    • How to Climb: The Tallneck patrols around the two small islands and stays in the water. Climb onto the island after swimming in the water and look for a jutting edge (not the tallest area) — the Tallneck passes especially close here.
  • Tallneck #3
    • Location: Spearshafts
    • How to Climb: Circles a large path — go to the northeastern corner of their patrol route and climb onto the tall rock. Near a steam valve, there’s a ramp-like rock that’s perfectly positioned for leaping onto the Tallneck.
  • Tallneck #4
    • Location: Rustwash
    • How to Climb: Look for a giant metal piece of debris sticking out and up from the dust. There are plenty of enemies here, so be careful. The giant metal ramp is pretty easy to spot, even from far away, and you’ll need it to jump onto the Tallneck.
  • Tallneck #5
    • Location: Sun-Steps
    • How to Climb: Use the wooden scaffolding at the southern edge of the Tallneck’s path. There’s a noticeable plank of wood jutting out from the scaffolding beneath the upper platform. Step onto it and Aloy will even comment that it’s a good spot to jump onto the Tallneck.

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