Horizon Zero Dawn | Side Mission Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side Mission 3: A Daughter’s Vengeance

This mission can be picked up from Yan in the Sacred Lands. After receiving the quest, head north to Mother’s Crown and talk to Solai. After a brief conversation, follow the marker west to Daytower. Upon arriving, speak to the Outpost commander overlooking the landscape (he will also offer you an errand). Then follow the marker to speak to Zaid. After speaking with him, you’ll need to head west to Lonesome Rock.

Once you arrive, a cutscene will play, then use your scanner to investigate the area. You’ll be attacked by the guards. After defeating them, use your scanner to find the cart tracks and follow them.

Once you arrive at the compound, take out all the guards quickly and quietly. AFter they’re down, use your scanner again to locate tracks to follow and then talk to Nakoa. Now you’ll need to help some prisoners escape the compound. A short cutscene will play and then you’ll need to kill a group of guards. After the fight, another cutscene will play and the mission will conclude.