Horizon Zero Dawn | Side Mission Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side Mission 2: The Forgotten

You can begin this side quest by heading to the southern portion of the embrace. At the top of a large rock, you will hear a woman named Olara calling out for someone. Climb that rock using the yellow ropes and painted ledges and talk to the woman. She will reveal that she is looking for her brother, but can’t find him, so naturally you agree to go looking for him.

Follow the marker west to Brom’s camp. Make sure to avoid detection from any packs of machines on your way. Once you arrive at the camp, be very careful, as there are several machines waiting there to ambush you. Luckily, there’s a small tree stand in the southern part of the camp where you can survey your enemies before striking. Loot the bodies and then move towards the campfire.

Examine the campfire and Aloy will notice that there are drops of blood leading away from the camp. Use your scanner to locate a trail and follow it. You’ll go up a small hill and come across a knife embedded into a piece of wood. Investigate this and then use your scanner to find another trail of blood leading over a log and down the hill.

At the end of this trail is a bucket, examine it. Use your scanner again to locate a set of tracks leading away from the bucket. This path will lead you back over the dam to the main part of the Embrace. Be wary, as there are a few watchers here prowling the area. You’ll eventually come across a boar’s head, investigate it, then use your scanner to find another trail.

Me wary of the scrappers and watchers ahead. Take your time and survey the surroundings before picking them off. You’ll find a defeated watcher after defeating the scrappers, after examining it, use your scanner again to locate a new trail.

When you come to a rock wall, parkour up it to find some gear at the time. Examine this and then use your scanner to find a new trail. You’ll come across supplies from the cache on the trail, make sure to pick them up. When the trail leads you to a rock wall, climb up it. You’ll find Brom at the top crying out, approach him to begin a cutscene. You’ll have a few dialogue options during this cutscene and one major decision, but after the scene, the mission will be complete.