Horizon Zero Dawn | Side Mission Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side Mission 1: In Her Mother’s Footsteps

You’ll find a wounded hunter named Thok near the Strider hunting grounds. Approach him and he will ask you to find his daughter, who has gone hunting after a scrapper after it injured him and took his spear. He reveals that they went off towards Mother’s Cradle, towards the Southeast, so start following the marker on your map to the Cradle.

When you get to the Cradle, you’ll find Arana trapped by watchers in a tree. Since it’s pretty early in the game, these watchers can be extremely deadly, so take caution and make sure you draw as little attention to yourself as possible. Use your scanner to get a beat on the machines and take them out one by one. Make sure to keep them isolated from each other so that you never face more than one at a time.

After destroying the watchers and saving Arana, talk to her and she will thank you. She reveals that the scrapper still has her mother’s spear. Now it’s up to you to follow Arana’s track to the scrapper with her spear.

Use your scanner to find Arana’s track and highlight it. A track similar to those you can use when hunting watchers will appear, follow that. At one point, you’ll lose Arana’s tracks and pick up the scrapper’s. Deselect Arana’s path with the scanner and select the scrapper’s, follow this new trail. When you reach a small ravine, cross and pick up the scrapper’s tracks again with the scanner.

Be wary when you cross the ravine, as the place will have a few machines lurking around. Take them out if you think they’ll become a problem. Once you arrive in a snowy valley, begin sneaking, as the scrapper is close by. Make sure it doesn’t see you, or you’re in for a nasty encounter because the scrapper isn’t alone.

Try to find a higher vantage point to begin tagging your enemies. It is recommended to take out the watchers first, as it can alert the other scrappers before you have a chance to silence it. After that, take out the scrappers one by one. The weak spots are on their backs and tails, so aim for there and you should be able to take them out in two to three shots. Due to the number of enemies present, taking them out with your spear is not recommended.

After defeating them all and looting their bodies for the spear, head back to Thok to turn in the quest. In addition to the XP, Thok also upgrades the damage of your spear, making you even more deadly, and trust me, you’ll need it.