Starcraft: Remastered Coming This Summer to PC and Mac

StarCraft, arguably one of the most important titles for eSports, is finally getting a remastered version – due out this summer.

This new version of the game will feature updated audio, improved matchmaking capabilities and 4K graphics.

StarCraft is a pure distillation of Blizzard’s DNA–its story, its balance, and all the little details reflect our long-running commitment to epic entertainment, and it’s been a staple in competitive gaming and esports for almost 20 years,” Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said in a statement. “With StarCraft: Remastered, we’re modernizing the original game’s visuals, audio, and online support to ensure that players can enjoy StarCraft for another 20 years and beyond.”

In terms of specifics, here is a rundown of what StarCraft: Remastered offers:

  • Widescreen UHD support for up to 4K
  • New illustrations to “enhance storytelling” in the campaign missions
  • “Advanced matchmaking”
  • “Full connectivity” to Blizzard’s online network
  • Cloud saves for campaign progress, custom-made maps, keybinds, and replays
  • Eight new languages in addition to the five that came with the original

“While these improvements will bring StarCraft to the modern era, gameplay and balance have been precisely preserved, for an experience that will feel identical to veteran players,” Blizzard said.

Do you think players adopt this remastered version or will stick to the classic? Let us know in the comments!