Breath of the Wild – How To Solve All Shrines | Wasteland Walkthrough

Table of Contents – Wasteland Shrines

Daqo Chisay Shrine – The Whole Picture


This shrine is located directly outside Gerudo Town. It’s the best fast travel spot for the town, so you can’t miss it.

The puzzles inside are going to be familiar to anyone that’s already completed the Divine Beast Vah Naboris dungeon. Here, you’ll need to connect power lines using metal blocks and barrels as conduits. Check out the gallery above — connect up the wires and move the metal objects to unlock the left-most door using Magnesis.

  • Optional Chest: To open the gate to the optional chest, just use the second barrel you just obtained.

As you’ll soon find out, the “optional” chest is actually required to solve the puzzle. To open the right gate, grab the two barrels and connect the small gaps — but there’s a third small gap. Use the metal chest here, then place the metal block between the two platforms.

Now that you have two large blocks, you can complete the puzzle. Place one metal block on each side of the altar platform. The gate will open, finishing the trial.