Breath of the Wild – How To Solve All Shrines | Wasteland Walkthrough

Table of Contents – Wasteland Shrines

Jee Noh Shrine – On the Move


Found on the main road from the Central Tower Region into the Wasteland Tower Region. If you start from the abandoned outpost near the Great Plateau, follow the road west to encounter this shrine in the dusty canyons. It’s on Gerudo Canyon Pass, around ground level, and south of Mount Nabooru.

In the first room, you’ll find a conveyor moving glowing orbs and an input funnel below. Use a bow to shoot the moving orbs so that they roll into the funnel. One is enough, and it might take a couple tries to get the ball to properly tumble into the funnel.

The second chamber presents a similar problem, only with two Scout Guardians. Link can continue to move while aiming, so as long as you stay on the move, you can tag the orb and drop it into the funnel without bothering with the Guardians. If you do destroy the Guardians, they won’t respawn.

In the third chamber, wait for the large stone blocks to stop the lasers on the dual conveyors. Grab the orb to the right of the door and reach the first platform next to the conveyor.

  • Optional Chest: A chest appears on the conveyor below in the third room. Grab it with Magnesis before it falls off the edge. Don’t worry if you miss it, it does respawn.

To get by the second laser, use Stasis to freeze the device. Then you’ll be free to reach the input with the orb. Place it to open the gate to the altar.