Breath of the Wild – How To Solve All Shrines | Wasteland Walkthrough

Table of Contents – Wasteland Shrines

Korsh O’hu Shrine – Korsh O’hu’s Blessing


The final shrine is a doozy. To get started, unlock “The Seven Heroines” shrine quest from Rotana in Gerudo Town. She’s in her room reading from a library, and explains the history of the area. Travel to the area with seven giant statues south of the Gerudo Desert Gateway — you can solve this puzzle even if you didn’t start the shrine quest.

Once you arrive, you’ll find seven statues and seven funnels. There are seven orbs to collect in this area — gather them up first. Five are in or around the center of the statue park, one is already in place, and one is on top of the arms of a statue.

The trick to solving this puzzle is placing the matching orb symbols into the proper statue funnels. Each statue is marked with a symbol, and you’ll need to find the proper orb that matches that symbol and drop it into the funnel using Magnesis.

From the entrance, going left to right (counter-clockwise), the place the orbs in this order:

  • Red – 9
  • Orange – A [Upside-down V]
  • Yellow – 0
  • White – 8 [Two dots stacked vertically]
  • Green – I
  • Blue – [Fire Symbol]
  • Purple – II [Already in place]

The final shrine for the wasteland is a “blessing”.