Breath of the Wild – How To Solve All Shrines | Wasteland Walkthrough

Table of Contents – Wasteland Shrines

Hawa Koth Shrine – The Current Solution


Far in the southwest of the desert, find this shrine near the Great Fairy Fountain under the Gerudo Great Skeleton. It helps to rent a Sand Seal before attempting to reach this far corner of the map.

Like other shrines in the Wasteland region, this one is all about power currents. Place the two metal blocks side-by-side to connect the crystal to the power and open the gate into the second room.

  • Optional Chest: There’s a hidden chest in the water of the second room.

In the second room, unwrap the electrified orb (with the chain attached!) and place it near the crystal input to activate the lift. Up above, grab the orb with Magnesis and push it far into the distance to activate the crystal switches near the Guardian Scouts. Activating the crystals will drop the Guardians into the floor and kill them instantly.

Hold the orb very high to avoid activating the crystals on the bridge. Cross over to find the altar gate — this gate is missing an extra gear.

  • Optional Chest: Place the orb on the input / crystal high on the right wall while crossing the bridge to open a secret room with this chest.

Continue into the third room to find a gate with the metal gear you need to open the altar door. To open the gates and get the metal gear, you’ll need to align the three inputs so power is supplied to the gate. Stand on the orange button to drop the inputs on block tracks.

Use Magnesis to move the metal block all the way right, then wedge the block between one of the stone blocks in the center. Check out the gallery for an exact look at what you’ll need.

Place the metal gear on the empty slot above the altar door, and drop the power orb on the input to complete this shrine.

  • Optional Chest: Don’t miss the treasure hidden underneath the metal gear required to complete the trial.