Here’s Fallout 4, But Everyone is Bob Ross

If you love Fallout 4 but always felt like it could do with a little more Bob Ross, today’s your lucky day. Known for his mashups of popular film trailers and memes with Fallout 4, YouTuber UpIsNotJump has unleashed his creative modding talents onto Fallout 4 using The Joy of Painting’s Bob Ross as a guinea pig, and it isn’t the first time. It is the first time, however, that Bob Ross has been made into every single character.

In the video description, UpIsNotJump explains that he was able to create “armies of Bob Ross” by using mods from the Fallout 4 Nexus mods page, in addition to using console commands and applying a Bob Ross preset to each character. No one, aside from the baby it seems, is immune. There is a second part to the video (shown below) which is all about Bob Ross meeting Dogmeat, Codsworth and Preston Bob Ross.

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