Bob Ross Remixed is Ridiculously Funny in Fallout 4

Some years ago, PBS Digital Studios released a remixed short starring well-known American painter Bob Ross called ‘Happy Little Clouds’. The video quickly caught on, delighting audiences with its digital manipulation of Ross’ key catchphrases against a synthpop audio track. YouTube user UpIsNotJump has gone one step further, and created a mashup of a mashup.

The video places an animated version of Ross in the world of Fallout 4, walking on water, dancing in the streets, and shooting canvases with guns. In the description, UpIsNotJump explains the process of bringing all the different elements together:

“I have taken the premise of a softly spoken Bob Ross, swapped his use of paints with the weapons from Fallout 4, and his calm nature from The Joy of Painting with somewhat sinister undertones. This has turned Fallout 4 Bob Ross into more of a comedy character totally unlike his original persona.”

This isn’t the first time UpIsNotJump has animated something in Fallout 4, with previous credits including trailers for Justice LeagueBeauty and the Beast, and several Rick and Morty episodes.