Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – All Chem Fluids, Drugs & Crafting Item Locations

Resident Evil 7 includes more combo items than ever before thanks to the mysterious “Chem Fluids” system, allowing you to create First Aid Meds, ammo, drugs, and even explosives. To help keep stocked up on plenty of Chem Fluid, we’re going to document every single Chem Fluid, crafting component (Solid Fuel, Gunpowder, Supplements, etc) and drug we find in the Baker Estate, including a list of recipes.

There are two types of Chem Fluids, regular and strong, and each allows you to craft totally unique items. Thanks to Chem Fluids, you can improve Herbs, make more bullets for your handgun, or create enhanced super-bullets. There’s a lot of versatility here.

There are a lot of Chem Fluids and component, and we suspect more than a few are randomly generated, but for the most part after two playthroughs on Normal, we can confidently say that most of these locations (even inside crates) remain the same between multiple files. So keep scrolling for all the locations, including a list of recipes.

Chem Fluids, Drugs & Crafting Item Locations

There are 8 total items you can craft in RE7, using a combination of crafting items and Chem Fluids. A versatile material, each type of Chem Fluid can produce four items, depending on how you combine the items.

To add an extra wrinkle to crafting, you can sometimes find special Separating Agent items — by combining these with any item in your inventory, you can break that item down to gain a crafting component and a Chem Fluid. Depending on the item, you might even get a Strong Chem Fluid.

Below, we’re going to describe where to find hidden Chem Fluids, drugs, and crafting items. Herbs aren’t here, but you can find all the herb locations on a separate article here:

All Combo Recipes

There are 8 recipes in RE7 — 4 Chem Fluid combos, and 4 Strong Chem Fluid combos.

  • Chem Fluid Recipes
    • Chem Fluid + Herb = x1 First Aid Med
    • Chem Fluid + Gunpowder = x10 Handgun Ammo
    • Chem Fluid + Solid Fuel = x100 Burner Fuel
    • Chem Fluid + Supplements = x1 Psychostimulants
  • Strong Chem Fluid Recipes
    • Strong Chem Fluid + Herb = x1 Strong First Aid Med
    • Strong Chem Fluid + Gunpowder = x10 Enhanced Handgun Ammo
    • Strong Chem Fluid + Solid Fuel = x2 Flame Rounds
    • Strong Chem Fluid + Supplements = x2 Neuro Rounds

Main House 1F – Crafting Items

  1. Chem Fluid: Main House 1F, Laundry Room — Inside the filing cabinet with one herb.
  2. Chem Fluid: Main House 1F, Garage — Inside the filing cabinet.
  3. Chem Fluid: Main House 1F, Main Hall — In the open closet beneath the stairs.
  4. Gunpowder: Main House 1F, Main Hall — In the cupboard, to the left of the double doors that lead into the Main Hall.
  5. Chem Fluid: Main House 1F, Drawing Room — Inside the refrigerator.
  6. Psychostimulants: Main House 1F, Drawing Room — On the coffee table.
  7. Solid Fuel: Main House 1F, Supplies — On the right shelf.
  8. Gunpowder: Main House 1F, Supplies — On the left shelf.
  9. Strong Chem Fluid: Main House 1F, Supplies — Behind the crate, next to the wall, in the dark corner to the left.

Main House 2F – Crafting Items

  1. Chem Fluid: Main House 2F, Hallway — In the drawer down the hall from the Bathroom.
  2. Gunpowder: Main House 2F, Recreation Room — Inside the green plastic bin.
  3. Chem Fluid: Main House 2F, Grandma’s Room — Next to the window, on the left as you enter.

Main House 3F – Crafting Items

  1. Strong Chem Fluid: Main House 3F, Attic — On the shelves to the left of the projector.

Processing Area – Crafting Items

  1. Gunpowder: Processing Area, Incinerator Room — In a yellow bowl beneath a stretcher.
  2. Chem Fluid: Processing Area — In the room with several bathtubs filled with black tar-like gunk, connected to the Boiler Room. Look inside the tubs to spot this fluid.
  3. Chem Fluid: Processing Area — Inside the metal cabinet just outside the hallway that leads down to the Crow Emblem door.
  4. Psychostimulants: Processing Area — Next to the Crow Emblem door that leads into the Morgue.
  5. Strong Chem Fluid: Processing Area, Boiler Room — In an open locker in the corner of the Boiler Room.
  6. Gunpowder: Processing Area, Morgue — Beneath the stairs, just above the morgue boss arena on the map.

Yard – Crafting Items

  1. Separating Agent: Yard — From the Main Hall steps and looking toward the Trailer, turn right and circle around to the boarded-up Main House window. The blue Separating Agent is wedged in the sill.
  2. Gunpowder: Yard — On the yellow tool cabinet on the deck.
  3. Chem Fluid: Yard: — In a plastic bin to the right of the Trailer steps.
  4. Gunpowder: Yard — In the large clay pot to the right of the Trailer.
  5. Supplements: Yard — On white tarps near the entrance to the Old House.
  6. Strong Chem Fluid: Yard — Outside the Green House, on a metal pole.

Old House – Crafting Items

  1. Chem Fluid: Old House 1F — On the deck outside the Gallery, turn right and look in the trash. There’s a brown box with this crafting item.
  2. Solid Fuel: Old House 1F — In the Dining Room. There’s a shelf with this item.
  3. Chem Fluid: Old House 1F, Living Room — To the right of the bug nest.
  4. Chem Fluid: Old House 1F, Dining Room — Use the Knife or Burner to clear the spiders from the metal cabinet. Inside, you’ll find a Chem Fluid and a Great Chem Fluid.
  5. Strong Chem Fluid: Old House 1F, Dining Room — Same location as #3. The metal cabinet covered in bugs contains a Great Chem Fluid and a regular Chem Fluid.
  6. Gunpowder: Old House 1F — On the window sill outside the Dining Room.
  7. Psychostimulants: Old House 1F — Look for a metal tray on the deck outside the Dining Room.
  8. Psychostimulants: Old House 1F — In a box, in the crawlspace on the west wing of the house, accessible after solving the shadow silhouette puzzle in the Gallery.
  9. Chem Fluid: Old House 1F — Very well hidden in the crawlspace, behind a wooden pallet (or two) leaning against the wall.
  10. Chem Fluid: Old House 1F — On a shelf in the shack north of the Water Station.
  11. Chem Fluid: Old House 2F — To the right of the Crow Emblem door.
  12. Separating Agent: Old House 2F, Greenhouse — In the first room of the Greenhouse, before dropping into the hole.
  13. Solid Fuel: Old House 2F, Greenhouse — On a shelf, in the same Greenhouse entrance room.
  14. Strong Chem Fluid: Old House 1F, Greenhouse — In the cabinet covered in bugs, to the right of your first encounter with mutant Marguerite.
  15. Pyschostimulants: Old House 1F, Greenhouse — To the left of the stairs that lead up to the second floor of the greenhouse building.
  16. Chem Fluid x3: Old House, Greenhouse — Search the boss arena to find many Chem Fluids. Located in cabinets and on shelves.
  17. Solid Fuel: Old House 1F, Greenhouse — In the back-right cabinet.

Testing Area

  1. Chem Fluid: Testing Area 1F — In the first supply room with the crates, after using the keypad for the first time, look in the cabinet.
  2. Gunpowder: Testing Area 1F — As you enter the barn, look on the metal shelves near the stairs up.
  3. Chem Fluid: Testing Area 2F — In the room with the charred corpse, on a bookshelf.
  4. Supplements: Testing Area 2F — Same room, on the small table near the wash basin.

Boat House

  1. Chem Fluid: Boat House 1F — In the crooked shack on the rickety walkways connecting the Testing Area to the Boat House.
  2. Psychostimulants: Boat House 1F — Save Room, on the table.
  3. Strong Chem Fluid: Boat House 1F — On the shelf above the Tape Recorder.
  4. Chem Fluid: Boat House 1F — On the shelf above the Tape Recorder.
  5. Separating Agent: Boat House 1F — On the shelf above the Tape Recorder.
  6. Gunpowder: Boat House 1F — On a crate to the right of the entrance.

Wrecked Ship

  1. Chem Fluid: Wrecked Ship 1F — In the Laundry Room, in one of the trash bins.
  2. Supplements: Ship 2F (Old Tape) — On the desk in the Bunk Room.
  3. Supplements: Ship 2F (Old Tape) — On a cabinet in the Dining Room.
  4. Chem Fluid: Ship S2 (Old Tape) — Near Engine Room #2, behind the stepladder.
  5. Chem Fluid: Wrecked Ship 3F — In the metal cupboard outside the Security Room.
  6. Chem Fluid: Wrecked Ship 3F — In the Control Room locker.
  7. Gunpowder: Wrecked Ship 3F — Look in the desk drawer.
  8. Gunpowder: Wrecked Ship 4F — In a locker, in the Bridge.
  9. Chem Fluid: Wrecked Ship 2F, Bunk Room — In the microwave.
  10. Gunpowder: Wrecked Ship 1F, Stock Room — In the crate.
  11. Gunpowder: Wrecked Ship 2F, Bunk Room — In the desk drawer.
  12. Psychostimulants: Wrecked Ship 1F — In the room connected to the Bunk Room.
  13. Gunpowder: Wrecked Ship 2F — In the cupboard outside the Lounge.
  14. Strong Chem Fluid: Wrecked Ship S2 — In the first hallway, inside a crate.


  1. Chem Fluid: Swamp — On the grey object near the elevator shaft.
  2. Chem Fluid: Swamp — Look for an overturned cart on the path to the elevator shaft.
  3. Strong Chem Fluid: Swamp — On the elevator shaft itself.

Salt Mine

  1. Chem Fluid: Salt Mine — In the minecart track chamber with the entrance into the Secret Lab, look for a crate containing this chem fluid.
  2. Chem Fluid: Salt Mine — After leaving the Secret Lab, look in the collapsed tunnel filled with large rocks at the end of the tracks.

More items coming soon.

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