Fallout 4: Contraptions – Get Two New Power Armor Paint Jobs

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Enjoy even more corporate synergy with these fresh Fallout 4 Power Armor paint jobs included with the Contraptions Workshop add-on. These additional customization options came as a surprise to Fallout fans, as their inclusion wasn’t exactly a bullet-point on the back of Contraptions’ metaphorical box. Like lots of inclusions in the second Workshop DLC, it had to be discovered by the players. You know what else needed to be discovered? Armor-disappearing glitches.

Below you’ll find a gallery showing off the new paints, and instructions on how to customize your Power Armor. If you don’t have the proper Power Armor yet, we’ve also thrown in some locations to easily acquire a full set in the Commonwealth.

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Get Two New Power Armor Paint Jobs

The Contraptions Workshop includes two new Power Armor paint jobs; Abraxo Cleaner and Sugar Bombs.

These advertising paintjobs are similar to some of the previous finds in the wasteland, including that Vim! Pop Power Armor suit hidden in the massive Far Harbor DLC. The Abraxo Cleaner and Sugar Bombs paint jobs only work on the T-51 Power Armor. Here’s how to paint up your armor and find these new armor customization options.


Abraxo Cleaner & Sugar Bombs Custom Power Armor:

Use the Power Armor Station (yellow rig) to customize T-51 Power Armor with the Abraxo Cleaner and Sugar Bombs Custom paint.

  • In the Power Armor mod screen, select each piece of T-51 armor, then select the second mod slot. This is the ‘Material Mod’ slot in the menu.
  • Here, you’ll find the Abraxo Paint Job and the Sugar Bombs Paint Job.
    • Both paint jobs require no crafting components or special perks.
    • Abraxo increases agility with all pieces of a Power Armor set painted.
    • Sugar Bombs increase strength with all pieces of a Power Armor set painted.
  • To gain the Agility or Strength bonus, you’ll need to have the same paint on every piece of T-51 Power Armor.
    • This includes: Helmet, Left Arm, Left Leg, Right Arm, Right Leg, and Torso

Where to Find T-51 Power Armor:

T-51 Armor isn’t exactly common in the Wasteland. If you’re having trouble finding a set, here are some locations you can explore to collect, purchase, or steal parts or an entire set.

Note: T-51 Power Armor only spawns dependent on your level. Check these locations only if you’re the required level or higher.

  • North of Old North Church on a military barge. Found through a gate controlled by a Novice computer terminal. This is a Full Set of T-51 Armor.
    • Level Requirement: 20+
  • On the highway overpass above Graygarden. Use the cable lift near College Square and backtrack toward Graygarden on the highway to find a complete set.
    • Level Requirement: 23+
  • Search the cliffs near the General Atomics Galleria to discover a full set of T-51 Armor.
    • Level Requirement: 22+
  • Between Croup Manor and Lynn Pier Parking, look on the military barges for a blue shipping container. The full set is protected behind an Advanced Lock door.
    • Level Requirement: 22+
  • The vendor Rowdy at the Atom Cats Garage will sell random pieces of T-51 Armor. Sleep or wait until he restocks to find new randomly-selected T-51 pieces.

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