Make It Rain in Fallout 4 With Weather Change Shells

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The Contraptions Workshop for Fallout 4 doesn’t just give the Sole Survivor more options for their settlements, it also gives you the power to alter weather itself.

If you’re sick of the rain, want a gloomy day, or wish to see a radstorm visit your peaceful settlement, that’s all possible with a few easy steps. We didn’t even know these items existed, and you might not realize it either, because Weather Change Shells do not appear in the workshop menu. Learn all about altering the weather with our quick guide, explaining how to create Weather Change Shells, where to load them, and how it all works.

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How to Control the Weather

[Note: Weather Change Shells are exclusive to the Contraptions Workshop DLC for Fallout 4.]

Controlling the weather takes a few steps. First, you’ll need to construct a Fireworks Mortar. There are two types of Fireworks Mortars — regular, and angled. It doesn’t matter which you build here.

  • To build a Fireworks Mortar, open the Workshop menu and select Power -> Miscellaneous
    • The Fireworks Mortar requires (2) Wood, (2) Steel, and (1) Asbestos to craft.
  • Plunk one down, and you’ll get a message revealing some important aspects of the Fireworks Mortar;
    • Fireworks Shells can be crafted at a Chemistry Station.
    • The Fireworks Mortar can be loaded with Fireworks Shells.
    • The Fireworks Mortar must be connected to a power source.
      • The Fireworks Mortar must be connected to a power grid with a terminal to control the firing delay.
    • Fireworks Shells can also be crafted with the Pyrotechnics Mill builder.


Now that we’ve built the Fireworks Mortar, it’s time to get the shells we need to gain mastery over the weather.

  • To control the weather, you won’t want to use Fireworks Shells — no, you’ll want to build Weather Change Shells.
    • Go to the Chemistry Station and select Fireworks -> Scroll down to find the three types of Weather Change Shells.
  • Weather Change Shells come in three varieties: Clear, Radstorm, and Rain.
    • Clear requires: (1) Adhesive, (1) Cloth, (1) Fertilizer, and (1) Gold
    • Radstorm requires: (1) Adhesive, (1) Cloth, (1) Fertilizer, and (1) Nuclear Material
    • Rain requires: (1) Adhesive, (1) Cloth, (1) Fertilizer, and (1) Silver

We created one of each type of shell. Now it’s time to start firing.

  • Connect the Firework Mortar up to a Power Source.
    • Make sure the Mortar is on the same grid as a Terminal. This allows you to access the Firework Mortar controls from the Terminal.
  • Set the Output Timer on the Terminal — it goes from firing every 0.5s to every 10.0s.
    • There is plenty you can do to alter the rate of fire using Logic Gates, but that’s too complicated to get into here. We just want to control the weather, right?
  • Return to the Firework Mortar and select ‘Transfer’
    • Place the type of shell into the mortar that you want to fire.
    • Weather Change Shells are found in your Inventory under ‘My Misc’
  • If everything is properly connected, the Firework Mortal will launch your shell and change the weather.
    • It flies into the air and makes a small ‘poof’ of smoke — not that impressive, but the weather will change instantly.

Now you can have clear days, rainy weekends, or nightmarish radstorms whenever you please.

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