New Umbrella Corps Trailer and Screenshots Released

Capcom’s Umbrella Corps launched today on PlayStation 4 and PC. The third-person shooter puts players right into classic Resident Evil environments, like the Village from Resident Evil 4, Raccoon City, RPD Police Station, Umbrella lab, and more.


Umbrella Corps is available as a digital release for $29.99. There’s currently an upgrade pack available, featuring iconic Resident Evil character skins—Leon, Chris, Wesker, and more—alongside new weapons, patches, and emotes. Players can purchase the pack for $14.99.

The game’s deluxe edition, which retails for $39.99, pairs the game with the upgrade pack at a discounted cost.

Capcom expects to launch free DLC in the coming months, including maps based on the Spencer mansion from Resident Evil, as well as from Lanshiang from Resident Evil 6. Umbrella Corps will also get a free-for-all mode called 4 Survivors.