Fallout 4: Contraptions | PSA: Do Not Store Armor Displays

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Just what the title says — whatever you do, do not store Armor Displays in your workshop if the objects are currently equipped with your gear. Fallout 4 is full of glitches, and Bethesda has worked hard to repair some issues, but if you’re just getting into Contraptions, you won’t want to make this mistake.

Basically, any mannequin showing off your unique armor is bound to fall into this particular glitch. There’s no going back; if you store an Armor Display with equipped armor, that armor disappears forever. It does not return to your inventory or to the workshop inventory. No, it’s just gone for good and there’s nothing that can be done until Bethesda fixes the issue.

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PSA: Do Not Store Armor Displays

[NOTE: This glitch was tested and confirmed on PS4 on June 21, 2016.]

Let’s start from the top. What are Armor Displays? These are mannequins that can be equipped (like a companion) with armor or apparel just to display your gear in a settlement. It’s a nice addition and should help make your morning wardrobe routines much easier in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the Commonwealth.

But there’s one huge issue with Armor Displays, and that includes ANY display item in the Contraptions add-on:

  • Storing an Armor Display, Weapon Rack, Power Armor Display, or Heavy Weapon Rack will cause the displayed items to disappear completely.

This occurs with weapons on all Weapon Rack types. Due to the nature of the ‘Display Case’ items, you won’t lose gear that’s placed inside the glass. It remains in the world, allowing you to just pick up the pieces after storage.

Most likely, you and other Sole Survivors are going to display the most unique armor and weapons — that makes the sting of losing your stuff to a glitch so much worse. Don’t lose one of a kind items. Make sure you un-equip all display items in settlements before storing anything in your workshop inventory.

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