Fallout 4: Contraptions – How to Assign Settlers to a Pillory


Punish your settlers with the pillory settlement structure included in the Contraptions Workshop DLC for Fallout 4. This medieval torture device was a common sight in town-squares across the nation during the Revolutionary period that so much of Fallout 4 is fixated on, and now you can enjoy the simple pleasures of assigning settlers to an uncomfortable day in the sun for their (mild) transgressions.

If there’s a deeper purpose behind the pillory, we don’t exactly know what that is yet. But we do know that you’ll earn a trophy / achievement for building and assigning a jerk a stay in the slammer. Think of the pillory as a post-apocalyptic one-man jail, because assigning a settler earns you the “Time Out” trophy / achievement. Learn how to construct a pillory and how to assign settlers to the device with the walkthrough below.

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How to Assign Settlers to a Pillory

The Pillory is for those annoying settlers that deserve punishment. If you’re feeling especially cruel and unusual, you can lock one of your settlers in a pillory. It’ll earn you the ‘Time Out’ trophy / achievement, and give you some quick laughs.

First off, you’ll need to find the Pillory. [This item is exclusive to the Contraptions DLC.]

  • Open the Workshop Menu and open Resources -> Miscellaneous
  • The Pillory is the last choice in the selection menu.
    • The Pillor requires (4) Wood, (1) Concrete, and Local Leader Perk (Req: Lvl 14, CHR 6)


Place the pillory down, preferably somewhere in the center of your settlement. Now it’s time to find an unlucky contestant.

  • Enter workshop mode, then select a settler. Once selected, you’ll be able to reassign that settler to any task you select next.
  • That settler’s new assignment? Living in the pillory. With a settler still selecting, ‘use’ the pillory to assign your NPC to the stocks. They’ll walk over and climb on in. The settler will stay in the stocks until you assign them to something new.

The achievement / trophy will pop right after you assign the poor soul. They don’t even need to -actually- enter he pillory. You can reassign them to a different job if you’re feeling generous.

For our pillory, we selected MacCready. He used to be a mercenary, so he must have plenty to atone for, right?

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