10 Best Strategies, Tips & Tricks We Used In 2020

We all love a few good sneaky tricks. Video games are endlessly complex machines strung together with code. The entire enterprise could collapse at any minute — and things are so complex, players often figure out little tricks that the developers didn’t exactly intend. These aren’t all bugs. They’re absolutely not exploits. These are just the weird things players have discovered that are also completely OP.

Some of the biggest games of the year were packed with little tricks you can pull. From Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout to the glitchy glitter of Cyberpunk 2077 — games were full of fun little strategies that make your life easier and totally piss off your enemies. Some of these tricks will help you get rich with in-game currency, level up faster, or just unlock an over-powered method for progression. It’s all stuff we’ve covered in the past, so be sure to check every link for an in-depth article discussing the specifics of each trick.

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Pocket-Sized Heavy MG [Cyberpunk 2077]

When standard firepower isn’t enough, the Heavy MG is the way to go in Cyberpunk 2077 — by boosting your strength stats, it’s possible to hack gun-turrets and steal their explosive-shell spewing cannons. These huge guns are kind of like ripping the turrets off in Halo; you don’t get to keep them for long, and you can’t reload. That’s how they’re supposed to work anyway.

In a hilarious glitch discovery, players found that you can actually carry the heavy MG with you. You can place the ridiculously oversized gun in any car inventory — and if you save / load while the cannon is in your car trunk, it will automatically refill with ammo. Giving yourself an infinite ammo heavy MG was one of the bright spots of the early buggy version of Cyberpunk 2077.

Making Endless Cash Through Recycling [Cyberpunk 2077]

Not a bug. This is really more of a feature — and one that’s safe for the environment! Night City is packed with vending machines, and this open-world RPG allows you to craft by collecting materials from dismantled items. One of the best early ways to get money is by simply buying all the cans you can find from vending machines, dismantling the cans, and selling the materials you acquire. There are perks you can get in the crafting tree to improve your profits, but it’s really that simple — your starting apartment building is replete with 10~ vending machines you can farm, then rest for 24 hours to refill.

And there’s an even more profitable variant on this method. Instead of selling the materials, you can use them to craft valuable guns — the most valuable (and easy to craft) weapon the community found was the Nekomata Rifle. Buying all the cans you can, using the materials to craft Nekomata Rifles, then selling the extra materials left over can earn players 100,000s in Eurobucks with very little effort. In a game where you need all the money you can get, it’s a pretty handy trick.

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