10 Biggest & Best Video Game Secrets Of 2020

2020 was a tough year. The global pandemic has kept us all inside playing video games, but the difficult work situation has only made development more difficult. Thanks to the hard work of some very dedicated devs, there are still plenty of games to explore and secrets to find. We’re going through all the best and biggest secrets of the year — there are secret bosses, hidden super-weapons, extra Easter egg levels and more. The harder to unlock the better.

We’ve narrowed the list down to 10 favorites from some of the biggest — and most unique — games of 2020. There are still plenty of guide-adjacent bonuses and random other stuff we want to talk about for the year, so check back soon for even more ultra weapons, extra modes, and unlockable stuff. Y’know, all the stuff we love.

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Finally Solving That New Locked Door [Demon’s Souls Remake]

The Demon’s Souls Remake is about 99% a perfect recreation of the original PS3 game with completely redone graphics. But it’s that 1% of new stuff that’s most interesting. Before release, we knew there would be extra sets of armor and a new pre-order bonus weapon. Not that exciting.

Until players starting digging in. In the 1-3 area, fans discovered a new illusory wall hiding a locked door. It took time and a ridiculous amount of exploration from a speedrunner to finally discover how to unlock this door — players needed to find special Ceramic Coins that only appear in the new game mode that literally flips the entire game like a mirror image.

You need a whole lot of hidden coins to trade with the game’s best source for secret items — Sparkly the Crow. By dropping the ceramic coins on the ground, Sparkly takes them when the player isn’t looking to leave behind a key.

This key unlocks the new room with a fan-favorite set of armor based on the Penetrator boss. It isn’t much — we just needed an answer. And now we’ve got it.

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Freeing The Unmaykr [Doom Eternal]

Doom Eternal is a bonkers sequel. Not only is it a weird Mario platformer with frantic violence that’s too fast for our puny human reflexes to follow. It’s also full of Easter egg references to previous games. The best of these references isn’t when Doomguy (yes, that’s his new canon name) says “huge guts” to himself. The best reference is the Unmaykr gun.

This special unlockable gun is the alternate BFG-9000, and it only appeared in Doom 64. Even the biggest Doom fans might’ve skipped that Nintendo 64 exclusive game that’s actually 100% unique, and not a remake or anything. Doom 64 might actually be a better Doom 3 than the actual Doom 3, but it’s also pretty obscure. I feel like Doom 64 was only remastered and re-released on modern systems specifically so players could discover the source of the Unmaykr laser gun.

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