Demon’s Souls Remake: How To Unlock The 1-3 Mystery Door | Penetrator Armor Guide

The mystery of the new door in the Demon’s Souls Remake has been solved. Thanks to streamer distortion2 we finally know how to unlock that weird door found in the Boletarian Palace, past the Tower Knight in [1-3]. What’s your reward for solving the mystery? A snazzy set of armor based on the infamous Penetrator boss, of course!

It’s all about those ceramic coins. Ceramic Coins are a new addition to Demon’s Souls Remake — and like the new coins in Bluepoint’s other big remake, Shadow of the Colossus, collecting them unlocks a hidden area with a big prize. These worthless coins only appear in Fractured Mode, the new difficulty that mirrors the maps.

So how does this all work? I’ll explain in more detail below.

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There is a mysterious locked door past the Tower’s Knight Archstone [1-3] in Boletarian Palace. The door can be interacted with, but getting the key requires special items called Ceramic Coins.

The locked door is found behind an illusory wall.

  • How To Open The [1-3] Mystery Door: Collect 26 Ceramic Coins and trade them to Sparkly the Crow in [3=1] to obtain the Rusted Key.
    • Ceramic Coins only spawn in Fractured Mode.

Use the Rusted Key to unlock the mystery door, and you’ll find the Penetrator armor set. This armor is exclusive to the Demon’s Souls Remake, and goes pretty well with the Penetrator sword.

The Ceramic Coins are only useful for trading to Sparkly in [3-1]. Otherwise, they’re very, very weak healing items. Completely worthless! Just save them up — and they can be saved over multiple playthroughs — to trade for this fan-pleasing set of boss armor.