Demon’s Souls Remake: Best Ways To Farm Souls For Beginners & Experts | Faster Leveling Guide

Demon’s Souls is the original brutally challenging action-RPG. Before Dark Souls, before Bloodborne and Sekiro, there was Demon’s Souls — and like those games, you’ll have to collect soul to level up or buy items. If you die, you’ll lose your currency and have to brave the dungeons again to get it back — and you’ll only have one try. If you’re really struggling and need a level up or two to increase your carrying weight, or any number of other stats, then farming souls isn’t a bad idea.

The best ways to farm souls are still intact in the remake. By following these simple methods, you can earn 20,000 souls in a single quick run, or complete multiple runs earlier in the game for a quick 4,000 souls per enemy defeat. If you farm these spots, you’ll never need souls again. They’ll essentially become trivial.

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How To Farm Souls | Beginner & Advanced Farming Tips

Souls are the currency you’ll need to gain levels, upgrade weapons, and purchase items from vendors. Souls are hard to come by when you first start the game, but there are a few places to farm them endlessly.

Beginner Soul Farming

The best place to begin soul farming at the start of the game is the Shrine of Storms. Make sure to equip a blunt weapon like a Mace, or acquire the Falchion — it’s located past the first skeletons, through the interior and out to a balcony guarded by a tough Black Skeleton. You don’t have to fight it. Just grab the Falchion! Even if you die, you’ll keep it.

To really start farming souls, you need to reach 4-2 by defeating the Adjudicator. As long as you have a bow, this boss is easy — just shoot arrows from the upper floor near the stairs / fog door at the glowing bird.

You’ll also need arrows in 4-2. Just past the archstone, you’ll encounter special Reaper enemies. Shoot them with arrows to kill them — one Reaper will drop 4,000 souls when defeated. The ghosts them summon will also die, which is why they’re worth so many souls. Just kill yourself and rinse / repeat for more souls.

Best Place To Farm Souls Easily | Later-Game Soul Farming

The best place to farm souls is 4-3 [Storm King] boss arena. You’ll need to complete the Shrine of Storms and acquire the Storm Ruler — but this is the best place to farm souls, and it’s completely trivial to earn as many as you’ll ever need by returning here.

With the Storm Ruler, you can wipe out the flying enemies in the sky easily and collect 20,000+ souls per run. The only problem is that this takes some time. The Shrine of Storms is difficult for beginning players, but it’s also a great place to clear first just for the high soul count you’ll earn by clearing enemies.