Demon’s Souls Remake: Where To Find Everything New | Rings, Armor Sets & Shields Locations

The Demon’s Souls Remake isn’t 100% identical to the original PS3 game. There are a handful of new additions — new rings, and new armor sets — that you can acquire in-game. These aren’t over-powered additions either, and they fit seamlessly into the grim world.

Some of these items were Digital Deluxe Preorder bonuses, but they’re still possible to acquire in-game thanks to new trades with Sparkly the Crow, the squawking bird you can swap items with in the Shrine of Storms. It’s a weird mechanic that new players might not understand, but experienced Dark Souls fans know all about Sparkly and her future adventures in Lordran. She first appeared in Demon’s Souls, and you can acquire all-new rings and even a new shield from her with the right trades.

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Ring of Longevity [New Ring] | Location Guide

The Ring of Longevity increases your Max HP when equipped. It is a Digital Deluxe Edition pre-order bonus that can be acquired from Stockpile Thomas in the Nexus. If you didn’t pre-order, there’s another way to get the ring.

Go to 4-1 [Shrine of Storms] and reach the highest hill of the level. There’s a tall tree here where you’ll hear a crow. You can drop items here and come back later to trade — if you drop Pure Bladestone at the base of the tree, return later to acquire the Ring of Longevity.

You can find Pure Bladestone in 4-2 [Adjudicator Archstone] — the Black Skeleton enemies will drop it. The Black Skeletons wield two swords and have red glowing eyes.

Sodden Ring [New Ring] | Location Guide

  • NOTE: May only appear in Pure Black World Tendency.

Special ring that grants higher mobility in deep water. The ring is located in 3-2 [Upper Latria] — take the left path at the first fork, go up the stairs to the top of the tower. Cross the bridge on the left, up the stairs, and into another tower straight ahead.

Go up the tower, riding the lift, and up more stairs. At the top of the stairs, you’ll reach a landing — go on the walkway to the left to reach a platform with metal cage lifts and a large fire in the center. Ride the left cage lift down to the swamp.

At the bottom, go behind the cage lift and look right for a path (near the gross tentacle) until you find a dead body with this ring.

Ring of Uneven Scales [New Ring] | Location Guide

When equipped, the Ring of Uneven Scales increases how much weight you can carry in your inventory burden, but lowers the amount of weight you can carry in your equip burden.

Like the Ring of Longevity, you can trade Sparkly the Crow for it. Go to 4-1 [Shrine of Storms] and reach the upper hill. There’s a large tree with a crow making noise — drop a Gold Coin at the base of the tree, then leave and return to find the Ring of Uneven Scales.

The Gold Coin can be found as a rare drop from the Fat Official enemy type.

Burrower Armor | Location Guide

The Burrower’s Armor set has high Poison Resistance, and it’s completely unique to the Dark Souls Remake. You can find it in 2-2 [Armor Spider Archstone] near the Firelurker’s mist door. On the path, you’ll reach a river of lava — walk along the edge to find this set.

Official Set | Locations Guide

Dress like the famous Fat Official — the jovial fire-throwing creeps from the original Demon’s Souls. To acquire all the parts of this set, you need to find and loot multiple different Fat Official enemies from different archstones.

  • Official’s Cap: 1-3 [Tower Knight Archstone] – Found behind the massive gate.
  • Official’s Leggings / Gloves: 2-1 [Stonefang Tunnel] – Defeat the Fat Official in this area and loot the body.
  • Official’s Clothes: 2-2 [Armor Spider Archstone] – Defeat the Fat Official in the next area of the map and loot.

Blue-Eye Knight Armor / Red-Eye Knight Set | Location Guide

The Blue-Eye and Red-Eye Knight Sets are exclusive to the remake — and the Rey-Eye Knight set is currently only available as a Deluxe Edition pre-order bonus. The Blue-Eye Set can be obtained in the Boletarian Palace.

  • Blue-Eyes Helm: Through the closed gate to the left of the bridge at the start of 1-1. The gate will disappear forever if you reach Pure White or Pure Black Tendency. You’ll find it in the courtyard below.
  • Blue-Eyes Chest: In 1-2, you’ll find the chest piece behind where the NPC Ostrava spawn on the Red Dragon path.
  • Blue-Eyes Gloves: In 1-3, reach the gate that is closed by the Fat Official. Taking the right path, you’ll reach an alley where an assassin spawns from above.
  • Blue-Eyes Leggings: And finally in 1-4, you’ll find this up the stairs to the left after passing the Blue Dragon.

Penetrator Set | Location Guide

The Penetrator Set is a special set of armor that matches the look of the Penetrator Boss. It’s found behind a locked door behind an illusory wall in 1-3. To get the key to the door, you must trade 26 Ceramic Coins to Sparkly the Crow.

Imperial Spy Set | Location Guide

A full set of this light armor can be found in 3-1 [Tower of Latria] once you reach the temple where the Fool’s Idol boss is located. Take the stairs to the left ledge, opposite the summoner.

Barbarian Set | Location Guide

Meet Patches, the NPC in 2-2 [The Tunnel City] in the lava cavern scaffolding area. If you don’t kill him in revenge, he’ll return to the Nexus and sell this set.

Hoplite Shield [New Shield] | Location Guide

Another Digital Deluxe Preorder bonus you can earn in-game by finding Sparkly the Crow. Go to 2-1 [Shrine of Storms] and drop the Rune Shield to receive the Hoplite Shield in return. Leave the area and come back to find your shield.

You can find the Rune Shield by defeating the Black Phantom in 1-4 [Penetrator Archstone]. Or you can find the Rune Shield / Rune Sword in 3-2 [Upper Latria] right before the Maneater boss fog door. Beneath the stairs to the arena, there are jars you can smash. Smash them all to find these items.