Dark Souls Fans Are Making A Sequel

There is a massive fan base for the Dark Souls franchise. With so many players eagerly awaiting the next thrilling IP from the creator behind the hit franchise, FromSoftware, it looks like we may get a direct sequel for Dark Souls by the fan base. Talented fans have always shown their appreciation in different formats to video game franchises. We’ve seen cosplay, fan films, to even fan games. However, for the latter of the bunch, there’s a bit of a risk put into completing this creation.

Video game fan games can go either way. While fans don’t typically make anything from their projects, the creation and time spent on the IP are usually met with a takedown notice from the IP owner’s lawyers. We’ve seen some incredible projects get killed off, both those nearing completion to those that were barely off the ground. Some of these projects tend to live on with the studios taking out any and all assets pertaining to the source IP and replaced them for unique content. From there, the studio is able to rebrand the IP and give it a proper release where they can actually make some money for the units sold.

However, Dark Souls has a community of fans that are eager to dive into an unofficial sequel. The fan game is being called Nightfall and it’s being developed by Grimrukh among other modders known in the PC Dark Souls community. Apparently, this mod will include some new areas although the team will be using already established assets to make the content. Furthermore, the content and lore showcased will apparently not conflict with the lore already established for the IP.

While we may not get new areas per se, it does look like the team will be making some major adjustments to the combat and even enemy AI. We’re not sure just how long this studio has before its readily available to release the passion project, likewise, we’re uncertain this project will get targeted for a takedown notice. 

Source: PC Gamer