Unions Called For Blizzard Strike Over Planned Versailles Location Closure

Blizzard is a massive video game company. With several iconic franchises that the studio has brought out, there is plenty of manpower that is required to keep this ship sailing. However, it looked like Blizzard was ready to send off a closure to a studio located in Europe. This closure is not going to happen without a fight and it looks like a strike was called by the workers union. 

The employees of Blizzard in France were told to strike by the unions after the company was ready to dive into the closure of an office in Versailles. This is apparently not the first time the location was a target as it looked like previously the company attempted to cut over 100 jobs twice with both attempts being stopped by the courts. Now it looks like the entire location is up for closure which would put over 200 employees out of work during the middle of a worldwide health pandemic outbreak. Taking the news by surprise, the unions had called for a strike to bring awareness over this situation and prevent it from happening. According to the unions, this was something the company was planning and also a means to avoid taxes placed in Europe.

Instead, the unions are wanting the company to avoid the closure of the studio location and to further develop the offices, and even invest in the health of the employees. It’s a difficult time right now all around the world with this pandemic and the closure of a studio location that would put hundreds of employees out of a job would be quite difficult for families that depend on the paycheck from this company. 

We’re not sure just yet if the strikes will prevent the closure of the offices but we’re hopeful that things are resolved in a positive matter. For now, the unions and trends online to keep the offices open are still going strong right now. 

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun