Demon’s Souls Remake: Don’t Miss This Important Item Right At The Start | Ring Location Guide

Demon’s Souls can be a cruel game, and the remake retains that same disregard for the player’s comfort. Right from the start, you’re slaughtered by an (almost) unbeatable demon boss in the tutorial. That should tell you all you need to know.

One of the central mechanics of Demon’s Souls is death. When you die you’ll be stuck with 50% HP while in “Soul” form. There’s a way to reverse this nasty side-effect temporarily, but there’s no permanent method to keep your character at 100% HP after each death.

But there is a ring that makes life a lot easier. And you can find it in the very first section of the game. It’s easy to miss, so we’re alerting you now with this PSA — if you’re a new player, don’t miss this ring.

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Where To Find The Cling Ring | Useful Item Location Guide

The important item you absolutely cannot miss is called the Cling Ring. This ring makes it so you only lose 25% of your maximum health when in soul form, instead of 50%. That means you’ll retain 75% of your health with the Cling Ring equipped.

That makes this ring a must for beginner’s. You can find it in the first area of Boletarian Palace.

  • Where To Find The Cling Ring: Climb the tower wall in 1-1 of Boletarian Palace. At the top of the wall, you’ll find a fog door near a Blue-Eyes Knight. Continue past the fog door and take the stairs down until you reach a shortcut lever. The Cling Ring is on a corpse nearby.

The Cling Ring is absolutely essential for beginner’s. It’s one of the most useful rings you’ll find early in the game, and it makes the punishing soul form feature a little more manageable. Just giving yourself an instant 25% HP boost is enough to help you explore much further into some of the challenging later levels.