10 Weirdest Video Game Things We Unlocked In 2020

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Alien gangsters, unicorn killing machines, talking guns and talking toasters — 2020 was another good year for weird stuff. When we’re all stuck inside for months (and months, and months) it’s time to stop getting serious. It’s time to start getting weird. The video games of 2020 seriously leaned into the sillier side of things — some of our picks are straight up jokes, others are weird just for the sake of being weird.

Whether it’s working hard to unlock a secret Jack Black cameo, or diving in the ocean to grab twitching monster crabs to decorate your wholesome island with, the weirdness is both low key and mind blowing. Maybe the internet has poisoned our souls completely in 2020 and we’re trapped laughing about the most minute nonsense ever — but I can’t stop giggling about my top 10 picks for the weirdest unlockables in 2020.

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Image Source: [1]

Jack Black Is Our New Officer Dick [Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2]

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is exactly the remake we needed — a nice package that includes everything you’d ever need from the original games, and improves them just enough to remind you just how good these games were. And they could be extremely goofy — we all knew Officer Dick would return as a secret character, but who guessed Jack Black would be the man to bring the parody cop to life?

Officer Dick is unlocked by completing all the created skater challenges in the game. That’s no small feat, so hiding a celebrity cameo is probably the most surprising unlockable thing this year. Just the fact that Jack Black lends his face and voice to Officer Dick makes this way weirder than the second unlockable skater in the game — a Roswell Alien from outerspace.

DOOMicorn Skin [Doom Eternal]

We’ve already talked about the cool gun you can unlock in Doom Eternal — a gun that’s specifically from Doom 64. Both of those facts are inherently weird, but the absolute weirdest bonus unlock in Doom Eternal just has to be the DOOMicorn Skin. It’s the Doomguy but he’s a pink frilly unicorn.

There are TOYS of the Doomicorn Skin. This isn’t your average skin, and fans could unlock it by connecting their Bethesda.net account to a Twitch Prime sub. That makes the DOOMicorn basically free. Sorta.

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