Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2: How To Unlock The Alien & Officer Dick (Jack Black) | Secret Characters Guide

Secret characters are back in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, and like everything else they’ve been given a full visual upgrade. The Alien returns, but it’s Officer Dick that’s really special. This isn’t any ordinary cop — Officer Dick is played by Jack Black of all people. Why? How? Who cares! It’s an awesome cameo for a ridiculous returning secret character. It’s everything we want in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.

So how do you unlock these characters in this current gen remake of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater? For the Alien, you’ll need to find 19 Alien collectibles — we’ll list all the locations below to make your life easier. Officer Dick is a little bit easier to earn. To get him, you need to complete all the Create-A-Skater challenges. It’s a whole lot more straightforward, and it’s also a whole lot more difficult. We’ll get into the full details in the guide below.

How To Unlock Officer Dick | Secret Character Guide

To unlock Officer Dick, played by Jack Black (!!!), you need to complete 24 challenges with a Create-A-Skater. Find the challenges in the Create-A-Skater menu.

To do these challenges, you’ll need a fully upgraded Create-A-Skater, and you need to unlock the Skater Heaven level by 100% completing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.

  • Earn All 6 Gold Medals
  • Land A Gap On All 19 Levels
  • Earn A “Sick” Score Combo On All 11 Classic Goal Parks
  • Complete All the Level Specific Combos

How To Unlock The Alien | Secret Character Guide

To unlock The Alien secret skater, you need to discover all 19 alien plush dolls. They’re hidden throughout each level.

  • NOTE: These are very well-hidden. Speed and Ollie upgrades will help you acquire them.

Alien Doll #1: Warehouse – Bust through the wall into the warehouse and go left. In the back-left corner, the doll is sitting on top of a quarter pipe.

Alien Doll #2: School – From the starting roof, drop down to the right and hop onto the grassy garden. In the dark shadowed corner, you’ll find the alien.

Alien Doll #3: Mall – Go to the center of the map where you’ll find three ramps past the giant blocks statue — one goes up, one goes straight, and one goes down. Drop down on the left and you’ll find the alien in a dark corner near the parking door.

Alien Doll #4: Competition – On the right, you’ll need to reach the very high ledge. Reach the quarter pipe deck and then wall-jump to reach the higher platform.

Alien Doll #5: Downtown – Turn around and reach the alley right behind spawn, then go right. Enter the building interior straight ahead to reach the roof. Enter the bowl on the rooftops and land on the small ledge outside the bowl in the back-right corner.

Alien Doll #6: Downhill Jam – Easy! Right at the start, turn left to spot this guy nearby. It’s right behind you.

Alien Doll #7: Burnside – Veer left from the start and use the quarter pipe to reach the high ledge of the concrete bridge strut.

Alien Doll #8: Streets – Go down the windy street and visit Margo’s Diner. The doll is right on the red rooftop.

Alien Doll #9: Area 51 – Go down to the interior bowl with the view of an alien spaceship. Reach the ledge just to the left of the entranceway.

Alien Doll #10: Hangar – Go to the helicopter bowl and grind on the chopper to reach the secret area that’s outside. In the snowy section, look in the dark corner directly left of the windows.

Alien Doll #11: School II – Take the path down to the area with the large green covering. Jump onto the green roof and go to the small alcove to find a doll.

Alien Doll #12: Marseille – Go forward-right to find a boarded-up wall. Nudge the lightpost from behind to knock it over and access the secret area. Down below, there’s a small door / platform with this doll in the back-left.

Alien Doll #13: NY City – Go towards the Upper Bank building to the right as you start. Drop down and look behind the quarter pipe just below the ledge you dropped from.

Alien Doll #14: Venice Beach – At the start, go left and jump off the edge of the quarter pipe to reach a wooden walkway. There’s an alien doll on this walkway.

Alien Doll #15: Skate Street – Skate on the neon lights in the starting area to unlock the secret area door and go outside. Just as you enter the secret area, go right and jump up from the corner quarter pipe. The alien doll is on a high ledge above.

Alien Doll #16: Philadelphia – Grind on the telephone poles to knock them down and access the secret area. Go to the half pipe inside and look under the steps on the right side.

Alien Doll #17: Bullring – This one’s easy. Just ollie up onto the outer ring of the arena to a walkway below the stands. Circle this outer ring and you’ll find the alien doll.

Alien Doll #18: Chopper Drop – Right next to the start. After dropping down into a huge half pipe, skate left and look for a lower ledge. The alien doll is right there.

Alien Doll #19: Skater Heaven – Grind the railing on the two buildings to unlock the volcano area. Jump into the lava to teleport to the hidden area — just look behind the wooden half-pipe on the left to get the final doll.