Marvel’s Avengers: How To Access The Chimera Helicarrier | Social Space Guide

Marvel’s Avengers has an action-packed story campaign that mirrors any proper single player adventure — but it’s also a Destiny-style Live Service Game. After completing the story, you’ll gain a bonus campaign called the ‘Avengers Initiative’ where you can fight in Villain Sectors, play online with friends, and continue to level up your favorite characters with Power Level gear.

Weirdly, revisiting the Helicarrier is a little tricky to do. You can find a lot of cool stuff in that area — including a pretty funny Mjolnir Easter egg. If you want to get back there, you’ll need to follow a pretty weird path from any of the War Table menus in the game. There are actually multiple social spaces you can revisit with their own faction NPCs and vendors. If you’re confused and need help accessing these areas, here’s a quick guide explaining how it works.

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How To Access Social Spaces | Chimera Helicarrier & Ant Hill

To return to the Helicarrier or the Ant Hill base, you’ll need to complete the campaign. This unlocks an additional scenario called ‘Avengers Initiative‘ — from here you can jump into bonus missions or return to social spaces to look around.

  • At the Quinjet or any War Table, access the menu and press [Up] on the [D-Pad] to find the ‘Avengers Initiative’ tab.
  • This will work at multiple locations — go to [Helicarrier – Outpost] to access the Chimera, or select [Utah – Badlands] to find the other social space.
  • Don’t select the sub-area from the map. Hover over it with your selection, and the option to enter the social space will appear.

The Social Spaces appear as selectable during the main campaign, but only appear when hovering over the sub-areas of the ‘Avengers Initiative’ in the post-game content.

It’s a weirdly confusing, kinda finicky choice that’s leaving a whole lot of players confused. It sounds so simple, but when this many people are struggling to return to the Social Spaces, you can guess there’s a problem. Here’s hoping the devs at Crystal Dynamic are working on a better way to represent the social spaces on the map.