Marvel’s Avengers: Here’s How Much Premium Currency You Can Earn For Free | Credits Guide

Marvel’s Avengers has a great singleplayer story — and a whole lot of multiplayer stuff tacked on. There’s a lot of content to experience after finishing up the main game, and there’s even more cosmetic stuff to find in the Marketplace.

Everything in the Marketplace costs a special currency called Credits, and the prices are pretty steep. A Legendary Skin goes for 1400 Credits — that’s $14.00 dollars for a skin. It’s a big price, but it is possible to earn Credits in-game. And some of the Legendary Skins are so, so tempting to buy.

Credits, the premium currency you can buy with real-life money in Marvel’s Avengers, can be earned. You can actually earn enough to experience all the Battle Pass content for all future heroes without spending any money whatsoever. Yes, really.

But you’ll have to do a whole lot of work. The imperative word is that it’s totally possible to earn a whole lot of Credits — in total, you can earn 7,800 credits for the six main heroes. Let’s get into more detail below.

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There are two types of currency in Marvel’s Avengers; Credits (Premium) and Units (In-Game Currency). Credits can be used to purchase special cosmetics in the Marketplace, including Outfits, emotes, nameplates, and finishers.

All items have three rarities — Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Depending on the rarity, each item will have a different price in Credits (Premium Currency).

  • Cosmetics Cost Breakdown:
    • Outfits: 700 (Rare), 900 (Epic), 1400 (Legendary)
    • Emotes: 250 (Rare), 500 (Epic), 1000 (Legendary)
    • Nameplates: 100 (Rare), 200 (Epic)

Credits (Premium Credits) can be purchased from the Marketplace in packs of 500 ($5) / 2,000 ($20) / 5,000 ($50) / 10,000 ($100). You’ll get more bonus Credits for larger and larger packs, but those packs can get pretty pricey. This is a full-price game, so if you’re aiming to earn free Credit currency, this is what you need to do.

How To Earn Free Premium Currency

Each character has a special Battle Pass called a HCC (Hero Card Challenges). Hero Card Challenges are essentially a Battle Pass — by completing Daily Challenges and Weekly Challenges, you’ll rank up and reach new HCC Tiers to unlock special rewards. HCCs aren’t on a time limit, so you’re free to complete them at your own pace.

For completing a HCC, you’ll earn 1,300 Credits. You get 1,000 Credits for completing the HCC, and +300~ for completing HCC activities while climbing the ranks. If you complete the HCC for all six characters, you can earn a total of +7,800 Credits. That’s $78 worth of Premium Currency!

For Launch Day buyers, all six Avengers HCCs are free. Normally the HCC costs 1,000 Credits ($10). All future HCCs, such as the HCC for Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, will cost 1,000 Credits ($10) to unlock. Like with the non-DLC vanilla heroes, completing the HCC will still earn you 1300 Premium Currency.

Each character has separate HCC challenges — two daily challenges and two weekly challenges. You’ll have to swap characters to complete their specific challenges, but it is possible to rank up all six starting characters.

So, what should you do with your free premium currency? First off, save 1,000 for any new characters. Kate Bishop is the first announced hero, so make sure to save at least 1,000 for Kate — it’s a good idea to always keep 1,000 Credits ready so you can unlock the DLC character’s Premium HCC tiers. All future characters will cost 1,000 Credits to unlock their HCC, and will reward you with 1,300~ Credits for completing the tiers.

Some rumors state there might be 21 heroes total — that’s 15 additional heroes. Keep your hands on at least 1,000 Credits, and you’ll be able to unlock (and then complete) each additional HCC to spend and earn back your Premium Credits. That leaves you with a total 6,800 Credits you can use on any Cosmetics you want. You can buy 4 Legendary Outfits with that!

This is all assuming the prices don’t change. Plenty of players are pretty angry about the inflated cost of cosmetics in Marvel’s Avengers. At least you’ll be able to get free Cosmetics for a few of your favorite heroes.