Marvel’s Avengers: 10 Tips To Help You Master Earth’s Mightiest Heroes | Combat Tips, End-Game Gear & More

Marvel’s Avengers isn’t your average super-hero game. With an entire team of characters to choose from, you’ll drop into a massive story and fight endless waves of AIM thugs. While there are Live Service Game elements at play in the end-game, you can completely ignore the online aspects here, or you can dive in early and start reaping the loot benefits.

There’s a whole lot that this game doesn’t explain. And it gets even more confusing when you reach the end-game content. This might be a beginner’s guide, but we’re touching every aspect of this game from beginning to end. We won’t talk about the events of the campaign, so you won’t find story spoilers here. This is just about mechanics — and many of the mechanics only get confusing after you finish the main story.

Strap into the Quinjet and join your pals Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and more — we’re diving headfirst into one of the biggest games of the year.

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1: Keep Your Combos Going — Wipe Out Ranged Enemies First

As you progress in the game, you’ll encounter more and more ranged enemies. There are annoying flying guys, rocket turrets, snipers and much more that love to peg you from a mile away while you’re busy blasting the ground-pounders into oblivion with Hulk’s meaty fists. Before taking on the thugs on the ground, always do a quick cycle around the room to see who you’re missing.

There are three types of attacks in this game; blue, yellow, and red. Red attacks have to be dodged, and basically all ranged attacks are red. That means they’ll interrupt your combos and make your life incredibly annoying. Learning to locate drones, turrets, and other ranged enemies is an important skill for big battles. Always take these guys out first before sticking yourself into a lengthy fight!

Some characters like Iron Man are great for taking these guys out. Even Thor can knock flying enemies out of the sky, or Kamala with her ranged grab. Experiment with all the characters, and learn which ones are best for dealing with different threats.

2: You Don’t Have To Play Co-Op, The Entire Game Can Be Played Solo

Solo players aren’t left behind. Many of the side-missions can be completed with friends, but you can play the entire game offline. You don’t even need to see the Quickplay option! For any mission that can be played cooperatively, you’ll be assigned AI partners. And these AI partners have a few distinct advantages.

First off, it doesn’t matter what level your AI companions are. Gear and perks don’t matter. Whenever you use AI companions, they’ll automatically have all of their primary unlock tree upgrades available. AI will always match your level. Strangely, Master and Specialty Tree unlocks -do- matter. So if you’re looking for an AI edge, you might want to level up your allies and unlock a few of these. Otherwise there’s no reason to grind levels for your companions, even in the end-game.

3: How To Keep Your Heroes Healthy

HP is a problem in the early and mid-game. Some heroes like Thor and Iron Man get severely damaged pretty fast if you’re not careful, and healing only comes from a few sources. To stay alive longer in a big battle with weaker heroes, focus on performing Takedowns. Takedown attacks will always heal you — stun enemies and use Heavy Attacks or Combo Finishers to build up your Takedown Meter. Check the tooltips on your skills to see which ones will help you.

Be on the lookout for useful gear with properties that heal on perfect parry. Literally any random healing properties on gear will help a lot when it comes to staying alive. Certain powers also provide bonus protection — for example, Iron Man’s Hulkbuster Armor doesn’t heal him, but it does provide an overarmor that lets you take more hits. It’s basically the same thing.

4: Everyone Can Try To Lift Thor’s Hammer

Once you unlock the derelict Helicarrier as the Avenger’s HQ, you’ll be able to visit all the heavy hitters on your team. Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and more are all accounted for, but the coolest little detail is hidden in Thor’s room.

Every character can interact with Thor’s Hammer — it’s sitting on the floor nex to Thor’s bed in the helicarrier. Every character tries to pick it up, and they get a special little animation. The only character that gets to lift it is Thor himself, due to the magical properties that state only someone ‘worthy’ can lift the godly tool of destruction.

Well, there’s one Avenger that can move it just a little bit. When you’re playing as Captain America, you’ll get to rock the mighty Thor’s hammer just slightly. As the most noble and brave of the Avengers, it’s no surprise that Captain America is worthy — and like his final appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, we might even get to see Captain America wielding the hammer full-time in a future update. Cap fans can dream!

5: Don’t Waste Your Precious Resources On Boosting Until The End-Game

In the campaign, you’ll unlock the ability to ‘boost’ gear or artifacts to unlock additional perks. This sounds great, but there’s really no reason to do this in the early game unless you’re truly stuck on a level. And even if you’re stuck, it makes more sense to level up in other ways. Boosting items before the end-game / Power Levels is basically worthless. You’ll just find better stuff and replace the junk you just boosted.

When you’re in the End Game, your standard levels are replaced with Power Levels based on your total gear score. We’ll talk more about that in the next tip, but all you need to know now is that Gear Score / Power Level is very important, and boosting your gear can give you a quick jump in GS / PL. In the end-game, you’ll want to boost gear ASAP. Before that? Don’t bother unless you really want to.