Marvel’s Avengers: Hulk Combat Tips & Build Guide | How To Stay Alive Solo

The Incredible Hulk is one of the most powerful creatures in the Marvel Universe — so many players are probably going to wonder why the Big Green Rage Machine feels so puny in Marvel’s Avengers. The big guy can get shredded if you don’t play carefully, and we’ve got a few tips to help you master this very angry boy.

To really deal damage as the Hulk, you’ll need to use all of his special properties — your goal should be to get gear that increases Hulk’s Resolve (HP) and Resilience (DEF). A good Hulk can tank hits, but even a rampaging Hulk can get interrupting while going nuts on the bad guys. Once you reach Level 15, you’ll be able to parry almost all attacks — everything but red attacks. And strangely, parrying is one of the Hulk’s best abilities for building up his meter.

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The Hulk’s powerful Rage mechanic is important for staying alive in Marvel’s Avengers. Press [R2 / RT] to activate Rage Mode, which eventually gains a Parry against Blue / Yellow attacks.

Rage Mode makes Hulk’s attacks more powerful, protects him against blue / yellow attacks, and can heal you! Learning to master Rage is very important for survival as the Hulk.

  • RAGE TIP: You can set Rage Mode to Toggle in the options menu. It drains your meter very quickly though — I recommend tapping Rage Mode instead of holding.
    • You can tap to use the least amount of meter and time your taps to guard against incoming blue / yellow attacks.

When playing as Hulk, you’ll wan to build your specials as quickly as possible. This can be done with Heavy Attacks very quickly — use Rage Mode to guard while charging your Heavy Attacks or they can get interrupted very quickly.

  • RAGE TIP: While in Rage Mode, Hulk can jump further than normal, landing with a powerful crash. Tap Rage when jumping to perform a special jump!

Want to smash through shields faster? You don’t need to use Heavy Attacks with Hulk. Instead, initiate a ranged attack so Hulk grabs a big rock. Instead of throwing it, you can use it as a melee weapon. The big rock will break through shields instantly.

You can do the same with enemies. The Hulk can grab standard (puny) enemies and attack! This will also break through shields faster — and shield enemies are ridiculously common in the later parts of the game.

How To Build Hulk

For Gear, focus on equipping gear that gives Hulk +Resilience and +Resolve to increase his Defense and Max HP.

For upgrades, make sure to grab anything that boosts your Rage. Everything in the Rage tree should be priority #1 for unlocking. Rage shields you from interruption, heals, and gives you a damage boost.

Go nuts grabbing enemies (two at a time) and Rage. Tapping Rage instead of Holding allows you to stay in Rage Mode as longer as possible — just activate it before attacks, or when you need to guard. It activates instantly and during combos. Proper use of Rage Mode is how you stay alive with the Hulk. It’s just that simple.