Marvel’s Avengers: This Might Be The Best Way To Farm XP, Legendary Gear, Units, Resources & More

We’ve been talking a lot about farming in Marvel’s Avengers, and for good reason. After you beat the game, it’s all about grinding until you can reach max level with your favorite hero. Right now there’s no good reason to level up to 150 PL, but like that matters. You’ll need a constant stream of legendary gear, units, resources, and other rare loot to speed up the (normally slow) process of hitting the 130 PL softcap.

Well, some fans might’ve found a better way to go about the grind. There’s a specific mission that appears to be the quickest in the game to complete, and it’s packed with resources. This mission can be repeated infinitely solo, so there’s no limit to how much you can farm — and it only takes about 10 minutes to beat. This method was shared and detailed by r/RustyBreaker, so this isn’t just me yelling at clouds.

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How To Farm Legendary Gear, XP, Units, Resources,

This farming method is for the post-campaign section of the game — after finishing the story, you’ll unlock additional ‘Avengers Initiative‘ missions.

The best possible end-game farming mission might be ‘Day of the Remains‘ — a mission that is unlocked during the ‘Reigning Supreme‘ quest chain. This mission is always available, can be repeated infinitely, and scales to match your level +5. That means the gear that drops here will always be +5 stronger than what you have. The mission only takes about 8-12~ minutes to complete, so it’s a quick farm.

  • NOTE: Play on Challenge IV for the best possible drops, but that isn’t required. If you prefer playing at a lower difficulty, this map will still provide tons of drops.

You can repeat this mission as often as you want, and there’s no important strategy — this mission can be completed at any level, by any hero. This mission just has tons of resources, caches, Elite Enemies, and side-quests to clear. Make sure to press [Up] on your D-Pad to see all the nearby chests and marked side-quests. The more of these you complete, the more rewards you’ll earn.

Here are some of the rewards you should look out for in this mission.

  • Elite Bounty Side-Quest: x1 Upgrade Module, x1 Legendary / Epic Gear
  • Main Reward Chest: x1 Vault Coordinates Key, x1 Legendary / Epic Gear, x15 Uru, and random resources.
  • SHIELD Cache: Go left from the start to find a hidden SHIELD Cache. You can score 2 Vault Coordinates Key from this mission.
  • Gold Chest: AIM Facility Side-Quest – x75 Units, x1 Upgrade Module, x1 Legendary / Epic Gear, Random Comic / Collectible Drop
  • Silver Chest: AIM Facility Side-Quest (Requires Iron Man or Black Widow hacking) — x45 Units, x1 Legendary / Epic Gear
  • Mission Completion: Possible to get x3 Levels worth of XP if you complete all side-quests and clear all Elite enemies. Always get x1 Rare Pattern and x1 Legendary / Epic Pym Gear.

This mission is packed with Elite enemies that will drop Epic / Legendary gear, 10~ Bronze Chests, 1 Silver Chest, 1 Gold Chest, 1 Reward Chest, and each main objective nets you a huge XP bonus. Clear all the side-quests for extra rewards, and visit the SHIELD Cache to gain 2 Vault Coordinate Keys – 1 from the SHIELD Cache, and 1 from the reward chest at the end of the mission.

It only takes 10~ or so minutes to complete, and the more you learn the layout, the faster you’ll be able to blast through every step and clear out the side-quests and check the bronze chest spots. It’s a ridiculously lucrative mission to farm, and it just might be the best way to farm every resource right now — well, except for Upgrade Modules. You’ll still want to get DNA Keys from Villain Sectors to earn +15 of those. This mission still gives you a good amount, and tons of Units / Fragments so you can buy a few between runs.